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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO

jodirt is one knows the complete TRUTHFUL story but the ones who were adults and don't write rude unjustifiable comments. I know that what happened that night involved rong decisions on behalf of the mooney teens and the malvasi family. If no punch was thrown on fox haven drive than none of this would of happened and there honestly was no motive behind the fist thrown on fox haven one including the malvasi family is innocent...the kids at mooney have enough on their minds and their familys are going through a great deal of stress and this just adds fuel to the fire that is unecessary. This will soon all be sorted out and solved in court..until then the right and ADULT thing to do would to just lay off and be happy it wasn't your chid who was involved in this awful altercation. Mistakes happen and people pay for them...everyones school has their issues some are bigger than others and some unfortuantely leak out to the media. Unitl you know these boys personally do not make assumptions and accuse them of having prior misdemeanors or having caused trouble before. I know them and they are great guys just with the rong idea that night!

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