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YSU, faculty dispute final offer

This lady cracked me up when I heard her on the news last night. She was complaining about professors being unable to live off of their $50,000 salary with student loan pmts. mortgages and other bills. Are you kidding? Really, that is above average for what people make in this area. Instead of being thankful for your job, if you aren't happy with what you make, than step aside and let the millions of people who are unemployed or under paid at their current jobs have yours. These people EXPECT raises, guess what, I haven't got a raise in 4 years but amd thankful I have a job and am able to pay my $40,000 student loan debt every month, along with all my other bills. My sister just graduated from YSU with a teaching degree and can't find a job. She will gladly take yours for even LESS than $50,000/year. And to the first comment up top CIELITOLINDO774, the student who has $5.00 in your pocket and want them to "just give the teachers what they want" so you can have your refund check. How about GET A JOB! I went to YSU, graduated and have a bachellors degree. I worked FULL TIME for FOUR years and went to school and "focused on my studies." It's not impossible. It can be done. And just to let you know, those nice little refund check you plan on getting and living off of. You gotta pay that money back. Im just sayin! In case your financial aid representative didn't fully explain all that to you.

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