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OSHP seizes 20 pounds of suspected weed during traffic stop

Wonder how many pounds they REALLY seized! There will be some great parties hosted by the OSHP this weekend!

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Champion teen falls into crevice at Nelson Ledges

"If you know the stove is hot and you touch it anyway, then you can't complain when you get burned"

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Youngstown man heads to prison for dealing drugs in Warren

apparently he wouldn't give the cops their mandatory 30% cut

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Deputies investigate tip of bodies buried in Texas

Must be Jamie Ludt's summer home...the guy seems creepy.

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UPDATE: Victim identified in auto crash into Youngstown church

@streetwise...No it is not a shame, it's called Karma! It is better that she be taken out now before she gunned down you or I. I am certainly sad to see young people die, such as those marine recruits in leavittsburg, but this story gets no sympothy from me. White or black, it doesn't matter.

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Police nix bill to dump Ohio front license plates

This law is just one more way for city's to drain the pockets of the working class. What about cars that do not have a place in the front to put a plate? I have 3 vehicles, and all 3 have no place to put a front plate on. I got pulled over for this infraction, and was given a warning. The officer said I needed to drill holes in the front to mount a plate...There is NO WAY IN HELL that I am drilling holes in my car.

I really hope this bill passes. And as far as catching criminals, the last time I checked, cops stop people from behind!!!

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Pa. kindergarner bring heroin packets to school

I used to bring cupcakes to school for my birthday...I bet these celebrations are a whole lot better!

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Youngstown man caught tailing officers

It all depends on which personality comes out to play.

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Youngstown man caught tailing officers

HAHAHAHA...It's impossible to keep track of all of jamie's aliases...just call them Sybil!

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Youngstown police investigating South Side robbery

someone needs to tell her there is a difference between money and food stamps...I think she is confusing the two.

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