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Exciled Muslim cleric in Pa. disavows tie to Turkish coup attempt

Vindy - Please proofread your headline "Exciled Muslim cleric in Pa. disavows tie to Turkish coup attempt"

It is spelled E-X-I-L-E-D

Professional journalists know how to spell....

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Poll: Americans want nomination system changed

I agree that the nomination process in both parties needs reform.... but I think that the biggest single election reform this country needs is to ABOLISH the Electoral College.

Until the Electoral College is eliminated, OUR vote does NOT ELECT the President - THEIRS DOES. In many states, electoral delegates are NOT required by LAW to vote for the same candidate as the majority of the popular vote in that district. This is a rigged system that is over two hundred years old and now obsolete.

There have already been FOUR instances in our history where the electoral vote has contradicted the popular vote for POTUS.

The electoral votes might be bought(?) but NO one has enough money to buy the votes of tens of millions of voting Americans. Let's remove the electoral delegates from the equation and give the power directly to the people.

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East High reopens Thursday for seniors amid calm and hope

IF they cannot behave and abstain from violence, they need to be REMOVED from the city school system for the sake of the other students who are there to LEARN.

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Trump rally canceled for security reasons

So they're saying that it's okay to stifle FREEDOM OF SPEECH - something this country was founded upon - because they don't like the message that's being delivered?

Yeah, right.... way to go, idiots...

(and NO, I am not voting for Donald Trump)

I may disagree with the way Donald Trump treats others, or his bombastic demeanor, but he voices the concerns of many Americans when he talks about immigration reform, border security, the necessity to defeat ISIS, the trade deficit, the overall defecit, gridlock on Capital Hill, etc.....

He has every right to speak his mind... they had NO right to shut down his rally.

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17-year-olds can vote in Ohio's presidential primary Tuesday

Read the first sentence of this news article again: it said 17 year olds WHO WILL TURN 18 BEFORE this fall's election....

If they are of legal voting age at the time their vote for president is cast, then what is the problem?

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McNally clings to power

I agree that Mayor McNally has been doing a good job for the city, and that it should be left up to the voting populace of the City of Youngstown, Ohio as to whether or not he is allowed another term of office.

I also agree that the prosecutors must have had a really weak case (or none at all) against him in the Oakhill fiasco, and that he was merely charged in order to force him to cooperate with prosecutors and help them to go after other targets that they REALLY wanted.

The South Side Hospital building is a nice building, and was built strong like a brick sh*t house - BUT it still needs TONS of work, has cost the taxpayers MANY, MANY times what it cost to have the county offices in Cafaro's eastside property, etc.

On top of that, the building is not completely filled and a lot of space is being wasted. The city/county should be actively pursuing commercial tenants to finish filling up the building so that they can try and recoup more of the funds they have had to put into the place since day one of ownership.

As far as question about why a man with his education and qualifications would want to be mayor in a city like Youngstown? Perhaps it is because HE CARES ABOUT THE CITY AND LIKES THE JOB HE DOES(?!?!?!)

All of the other bullsh*t about not being able to make a good living as a lawyer in the area? It's just that - bullsh*t.

The cost of living in Younsgtown and vicinity is VERY low compared to most other urban areas of the country. Making $50K a year in Youngstown is like making $100K or more in a lot of other places.

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Man arrested twice in one week is one of five nabbed on drug charges

All you have to do is read the CONTENT of this story to see how bad the local POPULATION is......

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City leaders relieved after McNally plea

If Mayor McNally has to serve any time, I hope to GOD that Chuck Sammarone doesn't have to be acting mayor......AGAIN.... geeze......

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Trump, Sanders victorious; Kasich 2nd in GOP race

I agree with SOME of the views Trump puts forth, ie: Border security, too many jobs having left the country, too many H1B visas (temporary foreign workers brought in a low wages to do technical jobs, etc), a trade deficit that is absolutely ludicrous, an immigration problem that NEITHER side has solved in DECADES and MULTIPLE administrations on BOTH sides of the aisle.

His problem is that he is TOO EXTREME in his views and behaviour.

Donald Trump had BETTER send himself to "charm school" before taking the oath of office ** IF * he actually gets elected. As a businessman and the head of his own private sector company, he is used to having the ultimate and final say in EVERYTHING... this is NOT the case with the office of POTUS !!

I don't think he has a firm grasp of the fact that the power of POTUS is equally offset/balanced by TWO OTHER branches of government:

* Legislative branch (Congress)

* Judicial branch. (Supreme Court)

Congress can override a Presidential veto, END an executive order and the Supreme Court can STRIKE DOWN actions by the POTUS that are deemed as being "unconstitutional".

President Obama found that out. HE alienated too many people in congress and we've basically been in gridlock for much of his term of office.

I am an Independent, neither Republican NOR Democrat - and I blame BOTH SIDES of the aisle for the CESSPOOL of partisan obstruction that is now our Senate and House of Representatives. NOTHING of much substance is getting done on Capital Hill because of this idiocy. YES, there SHOULD be term limits - for BOTH the Senate AND the House of Representatives.

If the big corporations and lobbyists are gonna buy our politicians, let's make it a MUCH more expensive proposition and force them to do it AGAIN every few years, versus having the same Senators and Congressmen in office for decades on end.

Trump had BETTER LEARN how to show some respect for others and WORK WITH them if he expects to get ANYTHING done as POTUS (if he actually gets elected).

If he were to act towards the leaders of other nations in the same manner he acts towards those he doesn't like here in the United States, we would be in for big, BIG trouble. He might even end up getting us into an unnecessary war just because of his abusive and caustic behavior.

You don't win an argument by being the most REPUGNANT person in the room, you win it by making VALID, LOGICAL and FACTUAL arguments that support your case.

The most important lesson Trump needs to learn is this:

"Talk SOFTLY..... and carry a BIG STICK".

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Ex-Green Beret offers strategy for defeating Islamist terrorists

It's good to hear an assessment from someone who had boots on the ground for many years in the middle east.

Now, if our politicians will only listen and pay attention to the lessons that have been learned first hand by so many of our soldiers.

God bless our military who fight and die for our safety and our freedom.

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