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Poland teacher suspended for showing video to sixth graders

One wonders if the terrified parents permit their kids to watch Miley Cyrus and any of the other obscene 'artists'. I think many might prefer Michaelango to twerking.

To Boardman__Jeff's comment above: I think you'd be hard-pressed to find many "Bible-thumpin pukes" or Tea Partiers in any school administration...or even faculty. After all, they march to the orders and mores of the left-wing teachers unions.

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GM halts some Cruze sales, expands recall

The difference in media coverage between the Chevrolet and Toyota 'sudden acceleration' issue is telling. Those poor schnooks from Japan were frogmarched in front of Congressional hearings as if it was the Nuremberg trials. So far nobody from Obamotors (government types, not the current CEO who has been on the job just recently) has been heared from. They'll shift the blame to 'low level' bureaucrats just like the IRS scandal.

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In few we trust, AP poll finds

I love the part about the 'trusting' Pennsylvania farmer who installed cameras at his veggie stand. It appears he agrees with Ronald Reagan's maxim about the evil empire: 'trust...but verify.'
Actually, what I don't trust after many years as a reader of news is the Associate Press!

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61 Ohio dealers drive away new diesel Cruze

Call me a cynic, but I remember back in the late 70s when Chevy introduced a deisel Chevette. It went over so poorly that the dealership I did the advertising for had a promotion that gave away the deisel "upgrade" free just to move them off the lot. I fear this is more about licking Obama's boots than good auto sales planning.

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Model trains interest many

Nice story. Your community is home to one of the premier model railroad magazines. O-Gauge Railroading Magazine enjoys global distribution right from their facility in Poland.

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Youngstown Model Railroad Assoc. hosts annual open house

Congratulations to the club. You will bring smiles to the faces of young and old alike!

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John Birch Society makes a comeback

Say what you will about this group, but they were at the forefront of the anti-communist movement in the post-war years and have been proven right about their concerns. This UN power grab is the latest of a 70-year attempt to undermine American sovereignty.
Please follow the issue, then make a judgement.

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UPDATE: Hagan petition to get Limbaugh off Youngstown airwaves gaining support

A good journalist would have known this girl goes to Georgetown U.not George Washington U. This girl is spending $53,000 a year to go to G-town and wants the university to pay for her contraception? Then her supporters threaten the taxpayers with us having to 'support' her 'unwanted' baby if she gets pregnant. It took a few days but this girl has been calls out for what she is...and that has nothing to do with your 'private life.' She's a Marxist.

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Local anti-Limbaugh effort gets 2,743 signatures; national figures join fray

I must have missed the lefty congressman's effort to get people, particularly women going to $53,000 a year univeristies, to unsubscribe to HBO.

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Fred Milano of Dion and the Belmonts dies at 72

Sad to hear. I had the priviledge to live in 'da neighborhood' in 'da Bronx' at the height of the Dion and The Belmonts run. I've been to many Dion concerts in recent years and he still fondly speaks of those great days in post-war America, with a heavy emphasis on his love and appreciation for Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Perniconi, who helped guide him through his youth.

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