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Judge sets $3M bond for man accused of killing elderly woman

The best form of punishment for this idiot....SOLITARY CONFINEMENT...for life. Don't even let him out of the cell for a minute. It all starts in the home...and how his parents have raised him. If the momma and daddy are sorry & pitiful...there kids will be just like them.

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Police union agrees to cut future hires’ starting wage

O.K. with me. With the current AND consistent wave of violence that goes on iin Youngstown....EVERDAY...the low wages that will be paid to future officers almost certainly gaurantees the following. New officers WILL NOT be able to afford to live in Boardman. Instead, they will most certainly be living right where the crime is. This way the city will in reality have an officer "patroling" his neighborhood...without being paid. hjave can exT

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Melee at Harding brings charges, complaints

What is wrong with the kids today!!! Once again...the MAIN problem starts in the home...n

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Youngstown falls to worst in state

No one should be surprised at these findings. 100% of the blame should be directed at the PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The majority of the kids that are attending school now come from the most dysfunctional homes....on the planet!!!! Headed by parents that have absolutely no cllue as how to properly raise their kids. Most young parents instead are being "buddies"..instead of parents. It amazes me how mmany kids today...HAVE NOT grasped the basics....but they know every single the latest rap song!!!! If you listen to how some of theses kids talk would think you were in a third world country. Then again...thats because their own parents cannot "talk" either. EDUCATION starts in the H-O-M-E....first. If parents ARE NOT ready to leead by example...then they should take the kid and the birth certificate...and return to the hospital where the child was born...and tell the doctor..."I'm retuning this kid...and I want a refund".

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