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Ryan makes pitch for regional-airline service

Do you folks know that there are actually people from outside of north east Ohio considering relocating their business to the area?

Do you think reading the comments of residents suggesting that commercial air service OF ANY KIND is a bad idea, would make them wonder if they should look somewhere else? I sure do.

Come on people, think beyond the past!

Lets all try to move forward an attract companies that can create some good jobs. A positive outlook would be a good start.

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UPSCALE DOWNTOWN Luxury apartments detail heart-of-city location

To all of you with negative comments. This thought process of your is exactly why Youngstown is in the shape that it is in. The glass is always half empty!
All of you with the negative comments, why don’t you actually do something to make the city a better place to live? It seems to me the best you can do is complain about any attempt at progress. Maybe these apartments are not for you? Fine, don’t move into one!
However, at least someone has enough pride in our city to try and make a difference. We live in a place that has so much potential! We live in a strategic location. Our cost of living is “embarrassingly low”. We have some beautiful parks and residential areas. We have an infrastructure that could be put back to use at any time. We have so much going for us.
The one thing we lack is attitude. Where are the forward thinkers? Where are the entrepreneurs? Why our attitude is; “that will never work” rather than “let’s make this happen” is a mystery to me.

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