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YSU’s SGA to continue pressing for student fee

First off, I believe this is a great idea. What is 10 or 15 bucks to you? For each student it is nothing, but pooled together it adds up to a lot. Student organizations have a hard time because of this shortage, and if you have never been in one, you should be. Laugh at that making your resume, but in a world where more and more people are going to college that degree does not guarantee you a job. Its the extra things that make you look better than the guy standing next to you.

@Nunya, Zach and Nick don't need your money, they are both doing awesome and have not only EARNED scholarships to pay for their undergrad degrees, but I also expect them to have their graduate programs paid for as well. Why? Because they have the grades AND the extras that make them stand out. It sounds as if you have more of any imagination than any real knowledge.

@BamBam, Everyone learns at college, and everyone gets a degree, so what is going to make you stand out except for the extra things. That piece of paper does NOT guarantee you a job, especially in todays economy. So i'd suggest getting on that. And ten bucks is going to deprive you of learning? Sure.

@starosfether Everyone is aloud to use the facilities, if they don't, that is on them. And if you hate YSU so much then leave. No one is making you stay and we don't need that kind of attitude in our student body.

@Nunya Self Indulging? Students work hard when they go overseas, and work hard to get there, they represent YSU well. Its not all fun and games. And if you actually knew what half those words meant, I may take you seriously. But talking like that no one will. Come back to the 21st century.

All in all, The board and the President by all means have the students best interest at heart. If you don't believe so just look around at all that is offered to you. The center for Student Progress? The Recreation and Wellnss Center? The Math Assistance Center? The foreign Language Assistance Center? Any of the computer labs? It is there if you look, but so many of you are taking it for granted.

Lets explore some Costs of Running YSU, Shall we? Heat, air conditioning, electricity, proffessors salaries (and with a phd they more than deserve it) Secretaries salaries, Administration Salaries, Student Employees Salaries, Maitnance, Grounds Keeping, Any construction, Cleaning, Food Service, Police Force, carpeting, desks (that so many students destroy), office furniture, Computers and computer labs. I could go on and on.

It costs a lot to run a university, not every person in a position is trying to steal your money, so get over it. They have the best interest of the University and students in their minds and hearts. YSU has become my home, the organizations I have joined are where Ihave met some of my best friends and they have helped me make the best of college. If you go to class and straight home, you are sorely missing out.

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