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Son charged with murder in mom's death in Ohio

Not sure why I'm commenting on this but when I found out about this murder, I searched online and was linked to this site. Anthony was not a friend of mine, but I do know him. I am also pagan, not associated with any coven, but I don't think his acts should be linked to being a part of Lady Circe's coven. It is offensive. Anyways, from what I remember from Tony, he was a very odd and shady person. I know of someone he taught wicca to, and he just gave this person a lot of false information about the religion. This person also discontinued a friendship with him due to his lies. I remember looking up local covens on witchvox and Tony was advertising his coven on that site. When I had read he was the priest, all I could think was, I feel for those who are being duped by this guy and are getting taught by him. Reminds me why I choose to be a solitary witch. No offense to other covens, but I have run across some other so called male leaders of local covens in Toledo who shouldn't be teaching or leading a coven.

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