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St. Dom suspect’s parents arrested on retaliation charges

I agree with you Reggie. I cannot believe that these adults have the nerve to utter any type of threat to a witness. What they need to be doing is threatening their own child that did this. And if he didn't do it, he still needs his behind tore up for keeping company of any animals that would commit such a horrid act. What the heck were they teaching him anyway? What did the parents not have money or something, I mean I know times are hard, but that is crazy! A prime example of why stupid people should not reproduce!

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Man killed on North Side

@paulb, the statistics are helpful, however those were the ones REPORTED. That does not include the ones that go unreported and I am quite sure with some of the peo in Boardman, that come across as being holier than thou, are willing to sweep some under the rug because someone may have been raped by an uncle, father, family friend, or who ever. And MOST statistics can be manipulated as well, so I really would not rely too much on SOME of them anyway.

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Man killed on North Side

Shandrs 83: "And you make me regret going to the military, going to Iraq, knowing that I am DEFENDING YOUR FREEDOM and I think you really don't deserve."

Stan: Troops in "DESERT STORM" had yellow ribbons tore down at their homes here in town by blacks . They fought in Iraq for both blacks and whites . There are no regrets by the whites for going because of this .

I'm curious Stan, you post links to just about everything else, i.e. a picture of the victim in this article and the urban dictionary site, where is the link to back of the statement that you typed above?

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Man killed on North Side

It is correct that there is a problem with intra-racial, but there is time and board to discuss it and this isn't one of them. Someone has died in a senseless murder, just like all, if not most murders are senseless, however, it seems as if this man was not a thug, it seems as if he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Every murdered victim that dies in Ytown is not a thug either.

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Struthers police bust teen drinking party

I agree with SkyKing310B. I have been wondering that for years!

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Youngstown cops seek man in rape of East teen

This is very unfortunate, but it happens everywhere.

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Firebombing reported on South Side

lol, I agree paulydel, me too, but drdave1965 said it all, that is too funny.

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UPDATE: 50 years for pair in Kaluza case

And I must also add that I did my senior thesis on the bias sentencing of black men v. white men, I will post my references on here after I unpack, if anyone is interested, but there are a lot of disparities in the sentencing stage. It's interesting also, because one teacher that I had who was very liberal gave me a B on the research paper, I allowed someone else to use my paper, yes it was wrong, but the person tweaked it a little and a very conservative prof graded the paper and gave her a F. Same paper, the intro was tweaked a little, same research and conclusion, differnt professors with diff ideologies, and diff grades. Both professors white, both had much tenure and were both the chairs of their depts, one in the political science dept the other in the criminal justice dept. We were still trying to figure out why the diff grades.

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UPDATE: 50 years for pair in Kaluza case

You know Marine, I don't know how you determine that Black Americans have become dependent on racism and the "Affirmative Action" lifestyle and not solving problems head on. Affirmative Action is needed because of the discrimination in the workplace and white women benefit more from that lifestyle anyways. Racism and discrimination still exists in America. How do you determine that blacks are dependent on racism? I believe that due to the history of this country, some blacks cannot help, but to be leery of whites and the criminal justice system. It wasn't that long ago that blacks were fighting for the right to vote and equal rights with their lives. And Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson bailing somebody out, please!!!! Do not be fooled, the media tends to always put the spotlight on them when there are issues concerning unfair treatment of blacks, there are far more leaders in the black community, the media just doesn't speak to them. Just look at what occurred in Jena, La., on the black radio programs, black shows, the black churches, and colleges and universities student leadership was unbelievable!

I agree with the sentences received for the crime, it was the max punishment for the crime, so it's fair.

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Rock the Vote bus visits Valley

But Bush's policies, he's the worst President ever and anyone who votes for him that much, is just as bad.

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