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Donald Trump called for an immigration policy to ‘only admit into this country those who share our values’

Mahoning County Democratic Party Chairman David Betras said, “He’s a xenophobe, he’s the king of dichotomy and double-talk. He hates Muslims. He’s a bigot and a racist, and his speech proves it. We are a nation of immigrants. We assimilate people all the time.
Way to spew the Party line, Mr. Betras. It is YOUR party which advocates open borders which creates economic, social, and security problems. It makes assimilation more difficult.
Had POTUS or Hillary suggested a commission on immigration, they'd be credited with a brilliant idea, so you've got double-talk covered, too.
I'm not a Trump fan, but the Dems have so little good they can say about Hillary, it's easier to just bash whoever her opponent might have been.

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Section of Lincoln Avenue closed today at YSU for improvement

A campus street closure for 120 days planned to start 11 days before the new semester. Brilliant! Your tax dollars at work.

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Slocum will return to coach YSU men’s basketball team

This is an endorsement of mediocrity. Being 82 games under .500 in 11 seasons, averaging almost 20 losses per season, and with an average record of about 5-and-12 in conference play shouldn't be accepted by Y.S.U.
I know there are challenges Y.S.U. faces that other programs in the Horizon League don't, but it's past time to let an aggressive, hungry, young coach who is motivated to create the type of success that will get him a better job do just that.

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WILAJ: Slocum deserves another contract

A decade of underachievement and excuses. Do we really want more of the same?

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Penguins again stumble

Everybody ready for another one-and-done in the league tournament?

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Panthers cruise past Penguins

Proving once again that there is no "D" in "team." Not in this team, anyway. It's giving up an average of over 88 points per game in conference play!
You can make all the excuses you want (we're young...we've got injuries, etc.), but there is NO viable excuse for such repeatedly abysmal performances.

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YSU football player charged with felonious assault

He had some miscreants at Nebraska, one of which transferred to YSU. Why has there been no announcement that Thompson has been suspended from or kicked off the team?

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ITCL remains together at least for now

I hate to say it, but Pennsylvania's system of setting up and periodically realigning "sections" based on enrollment may make some sense in this area.
How about 2 football leagues, one with all the D-IV & D-V teams in Mahoning, Trumbull, and Columbiana counties and the other league made up of all the D-VI & D-VII teams. There aren't many programs above D-IV left in the area, so they'd have to band together or find other leagues to join.
No solution will ever be satisfactory to everyone, though.

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Grizzlies get revenge against YSU men

"I’m much more disappointed in the effort tonight,” YSU head coach Jerry Slocum said. “I thought we showed very little heart..."

I am SO tired of hearing that same thing over and over again. I salute Coach Slocum for increasing Y.S.U.'s talent level, but perhaps someone else can recruit as well AND get the players to play better. The program has been mired in mediocrity since Dan Peters departed. It's time for that to change.

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Another Horizon opponent wallops Penguins

Is Cindy Martin coaching the men's team now?

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