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Nuisance order locks up Cell

I can tell you this, I no longer live in Ytown but when i did i went to The Cell quite often and have never seen the things that they supposedly did on a regular basis. Everytime that i come back into town, i stop in The Cell for a drink or two. There is no reason to lobby for laws to be changed, if you know the laws then you know that a bar cannot be held responsible for overage people buying underage people drinks in a bar. They can try to police this but they will never be 1005 effective. YOU should however, as a resident of Youngstown, be lobbying for laws to be applied fairly to everyone to which they apply. I know that would be a first in the town, but hey, you gotta start somewhere right?

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Nuisance order locks up Cell

That comment about the girl delivering drugs to The Cell may be the single most ridiculous thing ive ever heard. Call me crazy but i find it pretty hard to believe that someone was planning on bringing a cache of drugs to a club filled with 350 people and 2 YPD officers at the door. Anyone that thinks that a drug dealers word is a very reliable source of information isnt someone who needs to be commenting anyway. All im saying is that there is obviously more at play here. I can assure you that the media is making The Cell look a whole lot worse than it actually is simply to scare people into thinking that it is some crazy, out-of-control place that needs to be shutdown. I challenge anyone to walk in there and see for yourself if they get the chance to reopen. See for yourself, meet the people who work there, meet the owners, etc. I promise you that you will walk out with a different view on the situation. The only people that are saying it was such a bad place are the very people that have been kicked out for doing stupid things or have been refused entrance because they cant seem to meet a simple dress code. Just be cognizant of where you get your information and from who it comes from. Im sure they're not perfect but these are just regular people trying to run a successful business, not the monsters that some people would have you think

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Nuisance order locks up Cell

If anyone agrees that this bar should be shut down you are out of your minds. This bar does absolutely nothing different than every other bar in ytown, if your gonna shut this one down then shut them all down. How bout JayJay's which has been an underage drinking haven for 30 years. All this does is prove that if you pay the right people in ytown you are above the law. Compare The Cells record to most bars in ytown and you will find that it is MUCH less of a problem. Anyone who supports this bar getting shut down is either A) totally ignorant to the situation so should not comment or B) apparently supports the inequality that the prosecutor and liqour enforcement show towards bars that arent willing to do what it "takes" to make them look the other way. The judge should be just as ashamed of not being more curious why there are other bars with more violations/complaints that arent getting touched

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