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Do you agree with Mahoning County taking on $1 million in new debt to build a new dog shelter?

To Topper: look more closely. Angels for Animals euthanizes more animals in a month than the three tri-county pounds combined do in a year!
Don't fall for the hype. They are helpful as far as low cost spays or neuters but NOT as a shelter or even most medical services -- they don't even have a basic X-ray machine despite receiving close to 4 MILLION a year in donations (check out their IRS form 990).
They are NOT no kill, or even LOW kill, even with well behaved healthy animals.

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Challenger says Trumbull commissioner Fuda lacks aggressiveness

Maybe Lisha Baumiller can scan the obituaries for her next event & stick a bumper sticker on the casket. Perhaps a campaign sign on the freshly dug grave.

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UPDATE: Bring all pets indoors, insulate outdoor shelters, fill with hay

Youre nothing better than an abuser if you leave your pet out in this kind of weather. I don't care if it's against the piss poor Ohio humane laws or not, it's bad enough you got a dog just to leave it alone outside but to do it in this weather is rolling the dice with it's very life. Even if it doesn't die it will still suffer. If you're okay with that, you don't deserve a pet.

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What happened to Wolfy?

76 Ytown: Not my page, the page of the thieving "animal advocates"!
I couldn't agree more about how uncaring the person was who stole a dead body away from people who loved and looked after Wolfy for years. I'm not buying any bull crap about helping the dogs on the street. This was theft of a dead dog not helping a live dog.

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Mahoning County seeking new dog warden

I've lived in Youngstown my whole, long life. Whenever I went to the dog pound to get my dog's license or once in awhile just to look, I was usually warmly greeted by a wonderful & very tall deputy who was so kind to me. Something about the tall deputy with the kind smile stood out to me so I asked him his name and he said it was Deputy Shawn Toohey. My vote is also for him as new warden for our pound! I've seen him there for years, and he's so professional! He's great with the public, great on TV, and so kind to all the dogs. He also very patiently and knowledgeably answered all my questions about dogs, proper care, and county rules when Warden Dichey wasn't there to help. I haven't seen able to visit in a few months because of health reasons but I hope when I can go again, he is my new dog warden!

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