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hey goodcatholic, stick to religion and get off the sports posts. if you knew anything about high school sports you'd know that divisions are made by how many kids are in the school. it's not like mooney says "uhh yeah we'll just go into D4 this year." get real. congrats mooney, another D1 caliber schedule, another championship. let the haters hate.

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Mooney wins 24-14, advances to state championship game

lol @ leo for knowing nothing about mooney's schedule or high school football playoffs for that's not like they choose who they play in the playoffs, how can you say that? plus, steubenville's a powerhouse every year too. mooney still plays a D1 schedule every year, what more do you want? numbers don't lie man.

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OSHP seizes 20 pounds of suspected weed during traffic stop

i mean it's just some weed. maybe the world would be a better place if it was legalized? think about it for a second before criticizing like always

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3 burglars rob teen with infant at gunpoint

dude stan lol give it a rest man. you need to find some hobbies. everything you say is so antagonizing. get a life bro

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Ohio State Highway Patrol seizes 871 pounds of suspected marijuana

I guarantee you Youngstown would be a happier place if it was legalized. But people are just too blind and brainwashed to know any better.

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Soros gives $1M to Calif. pot legalization measure

It's unbelievable that when these know-it-alls commenting on this hear the word pot they freak out. Let's get this straight, you cant overdose on pot. There has never been a strictly pot related death, ever. You can smoke cigarrettes all your life and end up with cancer but hey thats ok! you can also take 15 aspirin and i can guarantee you aren't waking up from that either. what im getting at is, if pot gets legalized then the economy benefits, there will be less crime over this "drug" and less people in jail for pointless pot busts because it costs the government money to keep people in jail. In an area like this, legalization is exactly what we need. Go ahead and keep smokin those ciggs and poppin those pills and takin shots, because that helps you lol but weed is so bad for you! it helps people! why cant people just accept this? c'mon now. Before you start talkin like you know it all, get your facts straight.

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Ursuline rises over Heights

Thank you Drep. Mooney1993 you say Mooney plays an inferior schedule? Lets take a look at your schedule shall we? Thomas More from Canada?? Canada?Didn't even know there was high school football in Canada. Beaver Local who is respectable and hung in there with steubenville. Chaney? i dont know much about parma normandy but c'mon now. You should not talk about private school schedules before taking a look at your own.

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Ursuline rises over Heights

This Poland crowd continues to amaze me. When you speak of this recruiting, you don't think a good team at Mooney is going to attract people who's kids passion and life is based around football? For example: on a higher level, say Ohio State. They have been beating Michigan for the past decade almost, correct? Say your child has a full ride to both Ohio State and Michigan. Ohio State has produced more NFL type players and has dominated in the rivalry this past decade and has all in all been more successful. Chances are you will pick Ohio State based on those facts. Mooney has dominated in football this past decade. If you want your child (who plays football) to go to the better system for football based on winning and College recruiting for your child's future. Who are you going to choose based on statistics? Poland or Mooney? The "recruiting" sells itself. It is because Mooney's football program has been more successful than Poland's at this point in time. Mooney doesn't knock on your door saying, "Hi, we're from Mooney, we'd like to talk to your child." Come on now, don't be ridiculous. What's done is done.

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