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'Black Monday' now symbol of Valley's resilience

I thought the mills closed in 1979, not 1977. I might be wrong, however, I know I am right when I state why the mills closed. They became non competitive. They became non competitive because of the unions. There was a time for unions. They have out lived their usefulness. They are very destructive....look at what they are doing to our schools. And, look at what the union backed democrat party is doing do our country. Wake up Youngstown!!!!!!

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Youngstown metro most-affordable market in U.S.

It's called dressing up a pig.

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Hagan wants to see more of Romney’s tax returns

I think Bobby Hagan should release his high school grades from Ursuline. He didn't attend college. Doing this would show his supporters just how stupid he is and they are for voting for him. Post them Bobby.....right now.

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Hundreds get thanks for WATTS

Nice picture of a national football cheat, a gangster and an enabler...along with their spouses. Younstown must be so proud.

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Poland man who introduced Obama violated ‘trade secrets,’ owes company

He and Obama who looks like his Mama have alot in common...just a couple of dumb democrats.

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Romney stand-ins stump ahead of Obama's visit today

You people who support Obama, who looks like your Mama are so funny. It's now wonder you are struggling in the once prosperous valley. You have no idea what is going on. Hint: look at the national debt and look what the Dems have not done to get it under control as we wind down the wars and increase our domestic entitlements. You people deserve to live in poverty because you are so stupid. Enjoy your misery.

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The real question is "Will the voters in Mahoning and Trumbull county ever wake up and vote Republican or will they continue to vote for Democrtats that are holding them down?" Very sad, but then again it gives them (Democrats ) something to complain about.

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The Strike That Changed The Rules

Unions were once very much needed and now they have out lived their usefulness. Today they are destroying our economy.

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Bishop, Hagan have ‘respectful’ meeting

Bobby Hagan is just as arrogant today as we was in high school....and just as dumb. He wants to feed and clothe the poor while killing the unborn....and think a couple of good acts justify the intrinsically evil action of abortion. Congrats to the Bishop for defending the Catholic church and shame on you fools who continue to vote for arrogant Bobby.

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President should be given respect

Obama is an ass, not because he is black (btw 50% white) but because he is who he is and what he has done. Why is it that any challenge to a black is always racist? This guy is a fool. And he proves it over and over again.

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