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Battle lines drawn over $500M in gun reforms

Typical democrat: all style no substance. Barry needs to insist Harry calls for a vote in the senate....highly unlikely. New definition for empty suit.

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Republican US Sen. Crapo from Idaho arrested on DUI charge

Typical Vindy headline...Republican U S Senator etc. If it was a low life Dem, the headline would have read: U S Dem Senator abused by police.

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An attack on Catholic Church?

It's so easy to identify a fallaway Catholic. Very sad that some people can't see the destructive nature of allowing is destroying our culture.

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Deep cuts in funding strain Ohio care facilities

Obamacare at work. You stupid Dems voted for this. Thanks.

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God sends a message to the GOP

It's real simple. The Dems support abortion via their national platform. Therefore if you vote with the Dems you are responsible for abortions. The other reason Obama won is because of the so many freeloaders and we all knoe Ytown is full of them!!!!! Good Luck meeting God and explaining yourself!!!!

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Soup kitchen visit by Ryan stirs anger

If the St. Vincent de Paul Society isn't political then why did they advertise in favor of Obamacare?

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Judge Jones: Supreme Court's move to states rights threatens civil rights

Why do some people think black people are incapable of getting an id?

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After the Great Recession, recovery still slow

You fools keep voting for the democrats and it will continue to be a slow recovery.

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Obama, Romney spar on taxes, jobs, education, health care

Vindy folks saw a different debate than the rest of the world. Your boy, Obama looked and sounded like a child.

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President earned another term

Frankie, you are one sick bastard.

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