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‘Retention is key,' Tressel says in State of University

Tresses is a typical liberal administrator.....always focused on getting more free government money. Sad that he positioned the students as a means of more money for him to spend. Perhaps he should focus providing a better education....then students will flock to the UCLA ( university on the corner Lincoln avenue).

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Tamarkin workers face severance vote

Congratulations to all Union supporters!!! You did it again, voting yourself out of a job. Funny though, your Union bosses get to keep their high paying jobs. You can't teach stupid. Carry on. Now you can be a victim and the democrat party will welcome you with open arms.

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Obama, Francis find common ground in poverty at first meeting

Typical of y'town's vindy to misreport and distort. And you Y'towner's continue to wonder why you live in a city that resembles a third world country. You fools deserve each other.

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Inmates begin laborious task of patching roads

Just another example of the unions impeding progress.

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Obama again calls Youngstown hub national asset

You dems in Ytown have destroyed the area. Keep drinking the koolaid.

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Blacks are still not free, a speaker said.

This Rev. pound sounds just like all of the other black leaders. Always blaming someone else for their failures. The black people in this country need to 1) get an education and/or develop a skill, 2) no sex until they marry, 3) marry only after age 22.
It's called personal responsibility. The democrat party has been responsible for the demise of the blacks and the blacks continue to support the democrats. Go figure!!!!!

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300 attend Youngstown rally to protest Zimmerman acquittal

These fools look like a poster of welfare recipients. We need to give these people something to do, like pick up trash.......worthless POS's.

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Franciscan accused of sex crimes at JFK commits suicide

Judy must feel so happy.

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Bishop pledges transparency about sexual abuse allegations

Judy Jones is showboating and has no credibility.

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Valley residents prepare to attend historic inauguration

Bobby Hagan, go visit the devil, Obama and celebrate, you fool. You are a disgrace.

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