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It’s time to discuss race relations in US intelligently, reasonably

Well Anti, if you really respected all ethnicities, then you would also respect and accept their right to marry each other. Staying intolerant hurts race relations and if you can't see that then there may be no hope for you to integrate into the 21st century with the rest of us.

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Game in ’Jersey Shore’ town features Obama target

Game or not, Republican or Democrat, I think everyone can see how this sends a bad message. Shooting the President (Obama or Bush) isn't something that should be made light of.

As far as bin Laden goes, have fun!

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Despite Will Ferrell ... ‘Guys’ is good, but not great

"That it provides plenty of laughs despite Ferrell’s rants shows just how good it is. But the best script can’t overcome a bad performance." This is confusing just say whether or not you'd recommend the film.

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Balancing our image

"I will in due time. I have a reliable source." --- That's what I thought USA1, you just heard it from someone. Typical right-winger, just repeats what he hears and calls it a fact. That is called hearsay and isn't worth a penny. You are a fool.

As for your other comments, don't put words in my mouth, it just makes you an even bigger fool.

You want to do a service to the Valley? Remove yourself :)

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Balancing our image

OK USA1, I've read the same comment from you three times already... You "have proof Gains took mob money."

Until you can actually prove this, it is just slander. So again... SHARE THIS PROOF WITH THE REST OF US!

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Balancing our image

USA1, where's that proof that Gains took mob money?

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Balancing our image

So please SHARE THIS PROOF with us!

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Same-sex marriage ban overturned in Calif.

let the Supreme Court decide and then everyone on both sides can shut up and live with the verdict. Until then, this is just a bunch of people trying to tell other people what they can and cannot do.

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Balancing our image

USA1, do you have any factual references you can share with us that support your claims that "Gains took mob money too"?

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