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Gains loses five issues before Ohio high court

Sounds like this is becoming The Cafaro family vs Gains.

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Mubarak fires cabinet amid popular uprising; Obama threatens sanctions

To everyone who says "who cares" or "screw 'em..." EDUCATE YOURSELVES. This Mubarak has been America's biggest Arab ally since Reagan. Yes he is crooked and has rigged it to stay in power over all those years but he has been a key ally to this country in the Middle East.

That means we're in a sticky situation. His biggest opposition in Egyptian politics is a hard line Islamic group named the Muslim Brotherhood who want "Islamic Law." The young people in the streets protesting right now are doing it for Democracy which is great but should they oust Mubarak, the Muslim Brotherhood may seize power and make things worse for everyone, including our country.

Therefore America is in an awkward spot. We want Democracy in Egypt but we don't want the Muslim Brotherhood in power.

So again, to everyone who just sits there and says, "who cares?" Please shut up, educate yourself or walk off a bridge.


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Killer planned suicide by bear in Yellowstone

too bad they caught him. it would've made for a good Youtube video :(

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Wrestling coaches praise Hephner experience

This tournament is great. I remember competing in it when I was in high school. And it is dedicated to Josh Hephner, a former wrestler who past away too early.

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Gains seeks a 60% hike

Most of the people commenting on here are out of touch. Gains is a fighter, he fought against the mob and now he's fighting for his employees. Obviously times are still tough so a 60% increase probably won't happen but I'm sure the Prosecutor's office would be willing to compromise.

People need to start thinking reasonably and not just passionately. If your job paid more money somewhere else, you would think long & hard about going elsewhere.

And FYI, the salaries listed may be double that of most of the angry people posting here but until those same keyboard warriors graduate from law school and incur the costs that come with it, they should rest their case.

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Phil Carlo,the Last Hug,The Final Cut

author50 you clearly can't read

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Obama: Terror explosvies found, bound for U.S.

Typical Stan

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Williams targeted to be US auto czar

You people suck. Have you thought about how it can help having a Ytown rep at that post? How all the people at Lordstown can rest assured that their interests will be looked after? No, you all just sound bitter.

Sure the crime in Youngstown hasn't changed much but have you done anything to help besides complain on message boards?

It is a lot easier to complain than to actually do something that helps. Here's a challenge to all the keyboard warriors in Youngstown, shut up or step up.

With all the bitterness in Ytown, I can't blame the Mayor for taking this gig and getting out of town.

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It’s time to discuss race relations in US intelligently, reasonably

Not anymore Stan. I'll admit that both our families were hesitant at first (mine more so than hers) but besides a few questions there were no real issues. To touch on JesseDavid's last comment, I guess our situation is a bit uncommon for any races these days in that we both have college degrees and don't plan on having kids until after we're married. We don't care what other people's opinions are anyway but I'm sure those facts helped ease things for some.

I think that no matter who you are, when you grow up you are going to have some people in your family that tend to be racist. Over the past few years of our relationship, it has been amazing to see such people (in my family) change their whole way of thinking. So I can truly speak from experience that accepting relationships like ours does help in overall race relations.

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It’s time to discuss race relations in US intelligently, reasonably

I'm not disagreeing with your point of humans having inherent prejudices. But when you say you will not accept an interracial relationship what does that mean? If I walk past you with my fiance (who is black) what will you do or say?

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