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Wrestling takes over at Fitch, Howland

I always like to see some love given to such a tough sport. Good job Vindy!

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GM reclaims title as No. 1 automaker

I agree, Obama deserves the credit here. GM was going under and he took a major political risk by saving the American company. Now that GM is back on top, look for the haters to dismiss his actions as trivial.

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Manning has 3 TDs as Giants stun Packers

Good to see the Mahoning Valley's own Mario Manningham score a touchdown in this game. I would've liked to have seen a mention from a Vindicator reporter somewhere but I guess the Vindy is slacking these days, only putting out AP reports.

Anyway, sorry to the Yorks/DeBartolos but GO G-MEN!

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Gains’ re-election is not guaranteed

Bottom line is Paul Gains was the only man in his era to stand up against the mob and by taking a bullet for it on Christmas Eve, his survival led to the eventual downfall of mob control in the Mahoning Valley.

Betras sounds like Strollo.

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Did you feel that BOOM?

You can tell your own story of all these unusual quakes at this address:

They are compiling first hand accounts of people in "fracking" communities (like ours) that have witnessed any ill effects.

I know some people on here will debate me about whether or not the fracking caused the 11 quakes we've had this year... But one thing is certain: among the many nicknames that were awarded Youngstown in the 20th century, we're due for our first from the 21st century, Quake Town!

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UPDATE: State bans injection wells within 5 miles of Youngstown site

Check out the movie Gasland - it's all about the ill effects of fracking in American communities.

At the very least, check out the website:

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Obama marking end of Iraq war

This was one of the biggest reasons I voted for him, because he said he would end our occupation of Iraq. It was a pointless war that the American public was duped into. There were never any WMDs and 4500+ of our warriors never came back.

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Sheriff: Fla. man seeking job killed in Ohio

Robbery? That is the dumbest conclusion I've ever heard. Who sets an elaborate trap to rob an unemployed person? The two guys sound like they were playing some sick game. That sheriff is clueless to make an educated guess of robbery for the motive.

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Gaming machines seized in Warren

This article reminds me of the documentary Youngstown: Still Standing, it sounds like something the Vindicator was publishing back in the 50s :)

Check out the video here and tell me, is Youngstown becoming "Wide Open" again?

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