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New Year blues: Time Warner might lose MTV, Comedy Central at 12:01 a.m.

I currently pay 63 dollars just for basic cable. If they drop those channels, then I will cancel my cable and go to satellite. This is rediculous. We already pay way too much for Time Warner because we have to. They have a monopoly in Youngstown and no other cable company can come in and challange them. I hate Time Warner, but with only 4 local channels and nothing more, what are you supposed to do.

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Austintown 5th-fastest dying town in U.S. says Forbes

Gee idchian, I thought you were never going to post again. I guess going back to actual newspaper copy was to dirty for your hands.

No one is pulling for GM to close, all we want is accountability. Why should we (those of us who pay taxes) bail out the auto industry. I believe that GM needs to do some fixing before they get our money, because if they don't they will blow through that money and then be back in Washingtown begging for some more.

It should not have to come out of our pockets to save over-bloated paying jobs. That goes for ALL (corporate and workers).

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Man accused in dragging case free on bond

I heard that he was in a fight at Utopia and was dragged out of the place. He was then beat up in the parking lot and the guy(or guys) left him on the ground. He must have been just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Man accused in dragging case free on bond

I know if it was me, I sure would not get out on 10% of 10,000 bond, after I killed someone. Money talks, bullsh$t stays in jail.

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Activists open gay meeting center

All I have to say is WOW. I would like to believe that my morals are those of a decent Christian, and even I believe that everyone has the right to their own. To see so much hate for someone because of their sexual orientation is so sad.

Jesus stated that those without sin cast the first stone. I know I am not without sin, nor do I have the right to judge anyone on who they chose to be with.

God says to love the sinner, not the sin. But, honestly, who are we to judge on what a person's sin really is. There is only 1 man who can do that.

I say good for the Stonewall Center, good luck with your endeavors.

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Youngstown needs large budget cuts next year to avoid layoffs

I think before he starts with the safety forces, lord knows Youngstown needs them, Mayor Williams needs to layoff all the "extra" employees they have in all aspects of the offices. I would start with the water company. If you have no bill, you have to go to 1 window to print the bill, 1 window to show how much you are paying, and then the final window to pay the bill. Really. There is so much waste in Youngstown, they need to clean that up first.

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Youngstown needs large budget cuts next year to avoid layoffs

That will never happen. I have a friend who worked for the Parks Department and they pay a person $11 to count the money from the swimming pools during the summer. They have 4 people in that little office. The secretary used to leave without notice and go on personal trips, but still got paid. I think they need to evaluate all the jobs and then start trimming from there. That is an office in the private sector that would normally be run by 2 people max not 4 full time people.

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Thousands cheer first black president

Youngstown Strong: Believe me I do not base my opinions on what is said on FoxNews. I guess I am conservative on a lot of things. I am also somewhat liberal on others. I do feel America is starting to lean a little to being very liberal. Sometimes it feels like we, collectively, are losing our morals and the accountability for ourselfs. I am not saying that it is the fault of the liberals, but I guess I associate more with the conservative side and SOME of their beliefs.

I do watch Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer. I enjoy them very much. I do a lot of reading on CNN.Com. I know that Fox news anchors do most of it with their opinions, but that is why America is so great. If we stop people for expressing their opinions, and fox news anchors never say that it is anything but their opinions, then we might as well have a socialist government. You also have to admit that sometimes with a liberal view, it is teaching our children that being accountable and morals are not issues that they should deal with. If they do something wrong, it is a product of society rather than a person doing something wrong.

Lebronjeremy: I agree with you about our republic functions best when our citizens are informed. But you also have to admit, in this day and age, people will automatically state their opinion on something and will only listen to what supports their opinion. A lot of people today will not look at both sides before they make their opinion. We unfortunatley have a society full of people unwilling to admit they are fallible and will stick to their guns regardless of the truth or information.

It was also stated that the media (more specifically CNN) was giving Obama more favorable light than McCain because CNN bigwigs backed him. This was stated in all major papers on all major news channels. So any "news" station can manipulate their views and opinions as news. As a concerned citizen of the USA, we must make it our duty to hear both sides of the story before we make an opinion.

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Thousands cheer first black president

Idchian: Do not fret yourself over Halle Berry. She is a snob. She probably did not get your mind transmissions, it is hard without a brain. (For all those Halle Berry lovers, this is only a joke. Please do not get your panties in a twist).

DMETS: I have to support what your are saying. I am in a total agreement with you on this. Some men are easy to say that abortion is wrong when it is not them that are faced with this issue. I still beleive it is wrong, but it is not my place to tell someone what to do with their body. It is between them and their God. They are the ones who will be held accountable for it. Legal or not, people will find a way to have one, be it in a sterile, professional facility or with a hanger in the alley. It will not go away.

lebronjeremy: I did not get this info from a 527 ad or Fox news. I read it in the Washington post from an "actual" interview with President-elect Obama. It was in his own words that he felt a ban on partial-birth abortion was not something he was willing to pass because he felt that it was a step in banning roe V wade. His own words.

It should not matter what station I get my news. I do chose to watch Fox news over CNN. CNN is way to liberal for me and I do not agree with the way they chose to show the news. I do watch CNN, but Fox news is my choice. That does not make me any less of person or any less of person trying to make an educated decision on things. I do try to check my facts, if and when I can.

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Thousands cheer first black president

To clarify my response, I feel that the government should not have a say what we do with our bodies, but we also have a moral obligation to take in account the thoughts of the father (of course with the exception of rape or incest).

This is a very delicate issue and should be one that is a personal issue. I, you, or Uncle Sam should not have a say in what we do, but we also have to think about the unborn child as well.

It is a very hard decision for any woman to make and something they will have to live with, but it should not be something that the government tells us how to handle.

This will be something that will be a hotbed of arguments for many more years to come.

Hopefully this clears up what I am trying to say.

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