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Brawl case goes to court

and you think it was wrong to put the school name in the article? your dumb son was wearing a mooney jacket??? what you expect?? blame that on your kid not the vindicator..go meet in a field and fight like men instead of bein lil girls and go to a mans house with ten people lol

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Brawl case goes to court

ok if 10 dudes come to my house im protecting MY HOUSE? you have all the right in the world to protect your property and your family? i dont even kno who these dudes are but if 10 dudes come walkin up to a mans door that gives u all the right to protect everything thats inside? i mean you can expect that goo goo gah gah baby talk from if u read all the posts you can tell whos a mooney student or a mooney parent its just funny to me. you cant protect kids that are stupid. why should they get a break? because they attend mooney? or you jus think all people deserve a second chance? cmon now

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Canfield Group Assault

lol what a bunch of you gona go to someones house wit 10 dudes...then i realized it was mooney so i understood the gayness..thats silly the old man slapped that lil boy lol

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