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Jamail Johnson's family is yearning for justice and closure

Exactly! Surely was NOT his house, surely was NOT serving alcohol, surely was NOT hosting to the UNDERAGE Mr. Clark...hmm that's a real common last name. Get your facts straight and get a life man seriously.

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Manhunt for Canfield teacher's killer

This is very sad. My prayers to the family and students of the victim.

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Police probe teen’s slaying

@DaddyD You certainly got it I see :-)... Los was one of my favorite students. I think we all have agreed that he was not a "saint" but he certainly did not deserve to have his life taken from him. But that Life2short took me there, especially with that comment about not being on welfare because he wasn't a minority...I lost it! You are well educated I see and I am working on my second masters degree and I'm also a minority born and raised on the south side of Youngstown...these stereotypes really upset me.

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Police probe teen’s slaying

IgnoranceisBliss...I simply laugh at you...No, I'm not a janitor nor am I a cafeteria worker, but they do make pretty decent money, so you probably should apply. We actually have an opening. Then you can see what I do, and maybe I'll let you get me a cup of coffee every once in a while, or empty my trash. ;-) now you have yourself a blessed day!!

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Police probe teen’s slaying

Lifes2Short Listen, all the things that you directed to DaddyD were completely unneccessary. Can he read? Does he have an education passed the 2nd grade? Why wouldnt he? Because he's black?? And you're not collecting tax dollars because you're not a minority?? Are you kidding!? Educate yourself my friend, there are more of the "majority" then the "minority" on welfare...the percentage of welfare users are the highest among WHITE women...hmmm so maybe you can be collecting his and MY tax dollars!
As for me take your own advice, I never pointed you out, however if the shoe fits... but like you say if you dont like what I have to say dont read it. If your opinion is important, so is mine.
And as far as you donating your time to community service? I have to wonder where you are donating your time, because you clearly are culturally insensitive. Not becasue of the things you said in your post, but because of the ignorant way that you responded to those other comments made. "Nah, I'm not a minority"...that says enough.

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Jamail Johnson's family is yearning for justice and closure

@db Here we go again. People like you that know NOTHING but speak on EVERYTHING!! To think, folks thought we have overcome. No we have not overcome. Rasicm is clearly still alive, only now you can hide your ignorant thoughts comfortably behind your computer screen. Get a life!!! You clearly dont know this young man, nor the situation that you so "intelligently" speak of. It wasnt even HIS party. He and his frat brothers allowed thier fraternity house to be used for another college party. You know how I know that, because, unlike you I KNOW HIM! But clearly that's neither here nor there. It was a college party, and 99.9% of those there were either in college or 18 and over (which is college age dummy) a 17 was able to get in undetected. Maybe becaue she was a guest or maybe she had someones ID who knows, but IDs are certainly checked at the door! Who said anything about drinking...have you read the papers, police said that there was no signs of students being drunk or drinking at the party! SMH idiots get on the computer and let thier little fingers type a foot right up thier ignorant tails. Now, I would be wrong if I started talking about the little secret partys that middle americans have and all the "illegal" stuff that goes on there, wouldn't I? Yes because I'm not in middle America so I don't know what you do at your little functions! Jamail is a Hero; in every sense of the word! He sacrificed his time for students in inner city school, was awarded the honor of Omega Man of the Year for his outstanding service to his community and he made the ultimate sacrifice of his life for the safety of others. HERO! And that's why his name is and will continue to be recognized. You want to know why I know that, because unlike you, I KNOW HIM! You need to stop being educated about our community and people by what you see on TV. You might actually learn something.

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Police probe teen’s slaying

Terryz34 Yea that sounds intelligent. Let's all kill each other, Stop, Point is when your brother was killed you had a right to mourn his death because that was YOUR brother. And you shouldnt have to read people making assumptions about his life and why he died, becasue at that point IT DIDNT MATTER!!!!! All that you lost a loved one and thats all that matters in this case...

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Police probe teen’s slaying

Normally I don't indulged myself into these conversations because for the most part it's bored indivduals that have nothing better to do with thier lifes then to ignorantly discuss situations and people that they dont know anything about. However, there were some comments made that certainly need to be addressed. Many of you putting your unwanted two cents into this situtation make me sick. You have absolutely no respect for the fact that there was a mother and father who just lost thier son; children who will never see thier friend again,and teachers that will miss thier student. I know this young man, I was one of those lucky faculty members who had the opportunity to meet and love Carlos Crues Jr. He was indeed a fun loving and outgoing kid with a smile that could without a doubt light a room. This is not about weather or not he was a good kid, cocky, weather he should have been out at 2 am or not! The fact remains that a young man's life was taken from him! PERIOD! Too many people running around here thinking they are God and taking the lifes of others. This is an epidemic that has not only been negativley affecting our community but it has been affecting our world! Our young people see violence in thier faces constantly. And unless you have the answer, and not some random mumble jumble about the welfare system, checks or "these animals" etc, please do us all a favor and respect that a life was taken and SHUT UP!!

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