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YoOhM47 (anonymous) says...

Are stupid people smart enough to know they are stupid? Most times not. Lower education usually means a higher degree of ego. It compensates for their lack of intelligence. Unfortunately, higher egos give way to complaints of unfair treatment. The truth is often clouded by those rushing to sooth a bruised ego. Hence, the teacher gets suspended for expressing her first ammendment right of free speech--while the parents exists on the toils of person they got suspended.

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Askmeificare (anonymous) says...

Hey YoOhM47, speaking of EGO, check out what I just posted :

Regarding story: Will Gov. Kasich, others take pay cuts?



@ dimebag:

"Gee, Will El Presidente Obama,his Czars, Hillary, Tim Ryan, the Cleveland Browns, and Mr deSouza take pay cuts?

None of them are exactly pulling their weight these days. What kind of stupid arse question is this Bertram? You make less sense every day !"

dimebag, you state that, "You make less sense every day !", but YOU'RE the one holding the bag with a drug related name like dimebag.

I know you don't get it, but that's ok.

Perhaps you should smoke a bit less my friend and enjoy REALITY, not perceptions of life in YOUR reality.

When you have accomplished smoking less for a period of one year and have "dried out" to whatever extent you could be "dried out", then kindly might I suggest any book with a subject in the vein of Taoism.

Yes, yes. Perceptions of life in YOUR reality.

I have a song for you my friend:


After studying Taoism for a few years, this song may become, well, shall I say PROPHETIC?

Hahahaha - yes, enjoy, enjoy.


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