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Brown appeal denied

One more thing but your probable too dumb to figure this out. Go read the case and let me know what Mark Browns motives were.

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Brown appeal denied

Fattkidd: Why would you disrepect the family and both victims like that? You admitted to never seeing with your own eyes and I grew up going to that store and if you went there you know that stuff isnt true. Your a sick person who needs help. Dont you think they wouldve found something of that sort in store or the Mark Brown wouldve used that against them? Instead your upset that your boy Mark Brown will be dead this time tomorrow. And wineywomen just like we as americans dont want to be judged by one americans mistkaes why are you judging all middle easterns. Your another worthless american. Thats upset that you probable make less then 20,000 a year. I will really hope the family doenst read this blog.

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