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Youngstown’s Covelli Centre celebrates the 10-year anniversary of its first show

The Vindicator won't say it, so I will. Thanks Jimbo. Your vision has once again played out to our benefit.

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Tressel returns to YSU to speak Monday; reception to follow

Why do all of you negative people still live in Youngstown and discuss YSU? You obviously don't want to be here. Every one of you needs professional mental help in dealing with your tortured mental states. I can't imagine going through every day of my existence being so unhappy and dissatisfied. Please find a new place to call home. And take Bertram with you!

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YSU, UA: Tale of two institutions

Dr. Doom strikes again! I wondered for the last couple of days how Bert would put his negative slant to this one. How has the Vindicator let him spew his warped sarcasm for so many years? Is there any other newspaper in the free world that would hire this guy? I doubt it.

It's funny how Bertram has conveniently left out so many details and just blurts out his trash thoughts. Tressel has mastered the skills needed to be a president of a university in today's world. The NCAA investigation and subsequent ban was a joke. Bert also conveniently discounts that Tressel went through the same process as all of the other candidates. There was no behind the scenes coronation. Unfortunately for Tressel, because of his history at YSU and the widely publicized letter sent by all of the local business leaders, there is no way to stop Bert from putting some thoughts of collusion in people minds around here.

From what I have seen, he has done it all correctly and above board. He waited until the last day to apply at YSU, so as not to persuade others who wanted to apply from doing so. And he went through the process at both universities just as he was supposed to.

Akron wanted him as their president, but we beat them to the punch when we moved the process along so quickly. They were caught off guard and moved too slowly. No matter what their people are saying now to save face, his skill set is perfectly positioned to lead a university in this day and age.

I too, know Dr. Garg (probably much better than Bert). He is a man of incredible intellect and integrity. I trust that he would only hire Tressel for his qualifications and leadership skills. I genuinely believe that he would step down from the board before being told what to do by some mythical group of puppetmasters.

Will the Vindicator ever wake up and relieve its readers of this sarcastic little angry man? Probably not, because they know that some people read his column every Sunday morning to see what ignorant statements he will make that day.

Thank you YSU board for doing a great job this time. Welcome back Jim Tressel. YSU's future looks brighter today than in a long time.

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Campus, Valley laud Tressel pick

I can't wait until all of you negative and simplistic fools eat crow. Tressel is tremendously qualified to do the job of President of a university. The idea that a PhD makes you qualified is moronic. I work with many successful people in my business every day. If I told you what percentage of them don't even have a college degree, you probably wouldn't believe me. If you have ever been around him, you would understand what the board of trustees saw in him. Try talking to anyone who has interacted with him and ask what they think of his abilities to lead, motivate and give direction.

And by the way, the board members aren't exactly idiots either. They did not get where they are in life by being puppets or naive. These are qualified and successful people who I doubt would lower themselves to being manipulated. They would have nothing to gain and everything to lose in regards to their reputation. For once, why don't all of you give someone some credit. Maybe, just maybe, all of you haters can get that through your heads.

Welcome home Tressel's. We are lucky to have you back.

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Tressel makes first comment after accepting YSU job

Some of the posts on this stream are unbelievable.

Billdog1 claims that YSU gets Akron's hand-me-downs and that JT accepted YSU's offer only after Akron turned him down for their position. I know with certainty that Akron never got the chance to offer him the position, as YSU offered first and he saw the opportunity to work at a university where he will enjoy tremendous support at both the school and community level. Akron flat out blew it again (anyone remember someone named Jerry Faust in 1986?).

How about BlueSteel's comment that it is a sad and embarrassing day to be a YSU grad? Are you kidding me. I am a YSU grad and proud of it. Have you read the comments on all of the national websites? The vast majority of people around this country get it. Tressel was the fall guy for Ohio State when the NCAA got on their high horse and tried to make a huge deal out of some kids trading what is rightfully theirs for some tattoos and a small amount of cash. The key word here is kids. All Tressel did was try to protect those kids from their childish mistake (a mistake only considering the NCAA's simplistic rules). He fell on his sword and had too much class to ever defend himself.

And how about all of the people claiming that he is not qualified to be president because he doesn't have a PHD? I would love to know who made up that insane rule. Maybe the ego inflated PHD's themselves. They don't want to answer to a football coach. A coach who ran a football program that has a budget as big as our whole university. And to success levels higher than anyone else in OSU's history.

I am overjoyed that Tressel is back. We need to get on board and support him and our university. I believe that the time is perfect for all of this to take place. We are lucky that it is happening in Youngstown at our school.

Welcome home Tressel family. Please block out the negative people as they are certainly not the majority. I truly believe that you will bring our university back to where we all want it to be.

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Va. judge dismisses charge against Rep. Ryan

I watched him stumble his way around Tippecanoe Country Club one night this past summer. Many people were commenting how embarrassing it was to see a Congressman out in public in such a drunken condition. So goes it in the Mahoning Valley. If you have a "D" by your name in the voting booth, you are almost guaranteed a victory. Nothing else matters. I would personally take a large bet that he was way over the legal limit in Virginia too. But having friends in high places sure has its benefits, huh?

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Youngstown leads in city council salaries, benefits

Unbelievable! Almost $4k per month for a part time job. (Before anyone starts questioning the $4k, it includes the benefits too). Cut the pay and get rid of the benefits. Get rid of half of them as the city is less than half the size that it used to be. Then hire more policeman with the savings to control the punks who rule the streets. Let the honest and hard working people live a good life again.

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President must face ‘reality’

doubled - you really should learn the facts before going off with your UAW inspired speech. You know, trying to scare the uninformed voters of America into thinking horrible things are going to happen to them if Romney gets elected. Playing up the paranoia and fears in the unknown. Give me a break. Obama couldn't stand up in this debate because he faced a clearly superior rival. He is severely lacking in both economic and tax related knowledge compared to Romney.

And two things have changed from the last debates in 2008. First, he is debating a truly competent opponent with an incredible business record instead of a broken down old war hero with no real life experience. Secondly, this time he has to dodge his pitiful record instead of just spewing out unrealistic promises. A record that includes a health care plan that he shoved down our throats while his own government doesn't live by it. Romney is too smart and experienced for Obama. Obama is massively outclassed by a guy who has saved more companies and jobs than Obama can ever dream of. And all the liberals can mount for a response is to throw out the weak story that you are parroting. Obama's record is killing him. And speaking about lies, how about Obama's promise after he was first elected? "If I can't fix this economy, I don't deserve a second term." Great! Time to leave now! Truth be told, Hillary was probably the most capable one running in 2008. The sad truth is that all of the blood suckers living off the system get a vote. Otherwise, Obama would lose by a landslide.

It really goes down to this. Our country was founded with two principles in mind: capitalism and Christianity. Romney believes in both. Obama believes in neither. Enough said.

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Traficant: America’s con man

Bert definitely has a man crush. And maybe you should read the book Bert. It is scary how many of Jimbo's predictions came true. They were dead on. And consider how long ago these speeches were made. He may be a bit crazy, but he certainly is bright. Whether you like him or not, there is no denying it.

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Traficant signs copies of his book at store

gdog: There's a bombshell. Sounds like you know something that the rest of us don't. Now the feds had enough evidence to indict his family too, but chose not to. And your breaking the news!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, right. They really held back on old Jimbo. Give me a break. Like you know something here. It sounds like you blow as much smoke as the rest of the politicians.

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