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dft/Farmers National Bank gets naming rights to YSU sports complex

It's great to see a local company doing something for our university.

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Va. judge dismisses charge against Rep. Ryan

My friend that just got a DUI wants to change his guilty plea to a bad back plea. Come on Tim, we're not that stupid!!

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Paul Ryan’s dishpan hands panned

I can see that Mr. Antal played politics with this to try and help Barak Obama. It will have very little impact on the election, but it will cost the St Vincent de Paul Society a lot of contributions. I will donate to a lot of worthy organizations that help the poor, but I will not donate another penny to St Vincent de Paul while Mr. Antal is associated with them.

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Republican hypocrisy exposed

Bertram, when are you going to write a column about the hypocrisy of rich democrats that want higher taxes on the rich but pay only what the law demands? Why don't you write a column on Obama and Bill Clinton and let us know if they are paying more taxes then they owe or if they are democrat hypocrites?

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Bailout, Delphi take center stage in Romney charge in 'Nation'

Wasn't Obama for the auto bail outs and Romney against them? This sounds like it can turn into another Solyndra scandal for Obama when he took $535,000,000 of tax payer money gave it to a company that he was warned was going out of business and had the executives of the company, who made millions, bundle $500,000 of that money and donate it back to the Obama reelection campaign. And as we know Solyndra did go out of business. Why doesn't the Vindicator put that on the front page?

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Why candidate photo ops go wrong — for Ryan and others

Mr. Antal everyone knows that you are lying when you say that you were not trying to make this a negative on this guy and that you were not trying to make it political. The democrats that support you still know you were lying they just support your political view. The Republicans know you are a liar, but they don't support your politics. I have already found new organizations to donate to that help the poor. I will no longer donate to St Vincent dePaul until you are gone. You really should resign for the good of the organization.

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3 charged with illegal voting in central Ohio

300, the point isn't that there are only 5 people cheating out of 20,000,000. The point is that without proper id there are many more that do get away with it. In a close election it's a huge advantage for one of the parties to have some of their voters getting a second vote. That's why we need photo ID's.

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Soup kitchen visit by Ryan stirs anger

I almost always put a couple of dollars in the collection plate for St Vincent dePaul Society after church, but I'll find another charity to donate to until Antal & Sherba are gone. Antal says they " ramrodded themselves in there". Sounds like they ramrodded themselves in there after getting permission from Sherba. She probably didn't know Ryan was a Republican until later.

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Rally at coal mine prompts complaint against Romney

Does Rothenberg have anything to say about the union coercing the workers to pay union dues and using that money to support the Democrat party?
He should be going after all of the unions that do that.

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To understand Bain/Romney, watch “Pretty Woman”

Bert, are you saying that it's okay to lie as long as it gets your point across? At the end of your blog it says we can disregard the legitamacy of the worker's claim. I guess journalism really is dead.

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