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Rally at YSU today to protest SB 5

How do these union people get so much time off from work to attend all these rallies? Makes you wonder...

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Man robbed at YSU

The Vindy didn't give a full description because they probably don't want to offend anyone since EVERYTHING these days turns into a race issue. Blacks need to realize that sometimes the truth hurts and just deal with it. I can't stand liberal rags like the VIndy that compromise the truth in favor of political correctness. It's really sad what this country has become.

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More potential victims come forward in child sex case

This is more than a case of homosexuality. He is obviously a pervert and pedophile...very different from being a homosexual. Homosexuals don't victimize children. This man is disgusting and should be locked up for life!

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Facebook remark wasn’t racist, Hagan says

Blacks are so sensitive and take offense to every little thing...probably because they all have a chip on their shoulder and think the world owes them something. It's absolutely ridiculous and it's time we stop being so politically correct out of fear of offending someone. It's sad what this country has become because of the left wing liberals. We need to take our country back!

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Complaint filed over failure to help dogs

That dispatcher is an idiot and should be fired. The dogs were not on the ice, they were in the water so I have no idea why someone would type that into the computer. Both dogs could have been saved if this moron would have listened to what the called said and done something about it.

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MYCAP makes headway in national search for new director

The whole place is a disaster. They need to get rid of Frances Pettis too...she's mean, overpaid and does nothing all day.

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Online, on course: Austintown district’s new program gives students an alternative

Yeah wasn't moving fast enough for him. Ha! I find that hard to believe. These kids need to go to school like everyone else and stop making excuses for being lazy.

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400 at YSU get bonuses of $2,625

ACE employees are lazy, bitter and undeserving of this raise. I hope in the next contract they are knocked down a few pegs and realize how good they have it, considering the majority of them don't have degrees.

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Shed a tear for YSU employees

Was Burt complaining about YSU this much when Jain Savage was still employed there? I have a feeling the answer to that question is "no". I agree the ACE employees are all overpaid and definitely do not deserve these raises, but Burt really has some deep-rooted issues. Maybe he just needs a hug :)

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Bad behavior on Youngstown school buses won’t be tolerated

Since when do parents need to sign a contract to get their kids to behave? Rules are rules, either follow them or don't ride the bus. No need for contrats, especially since these parents more than likely don't even discipline their own kids.

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