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Milton Twp. Police Department on Facebook

Give Police Chief Michael Saltsman Sr a break! Not only does he have to deal with crime and personal issues he also has to worry about the Great Lt Lewis going behind his back and undermining his credibility with the local prosecutors because his Lt's lack of profesionalism in screwing up cases! playing games behind his back with the trustees! For crying out loud former officer lewis was promoted by the trustees and not the Chief! The Chief was kept out of loop thanks to Lewis and the trustees! so be real people!

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Maybe county should have closed for the week


Excellent job with your editorials and reporting.
Be mindful do not include the deputies they did show up because regardless of weather they have a job to do! They showed up and were reassigned to other duties within scope of their jobs! I hope they City prosecutor does run this year! Gains is a drunk and likes to harrass his females at county, but that is kept under wraps because of fear of retaliation or losing their nice paying jobs! As for the raises; people keep harping that some of the money used for some departments that recieved raises does not come from the general fund! It does not matter!! 10% unemployment! Deputies 50 plus still on layoff! Ohhh lets not forget some higher ups at the Sheriff department put retirement papers with PERS got their titles changed and know they will double dip! A pension and still working at Sheriff office! DOUBLE DIPPING? while they have Deputies yes making 11.90 for last 4 years without a pay raise, gave up concessions to help county and they get slapped with the news of other offices hnding out raises while their administrators at their office take care of their own! You can argue that some offices do not get money out of general fund......keep smoking that pipe to justify yourselfs! but it is morally and fiscally wrong! However you spin it! Plus rumor has it that Tablack is making deals with his buddies so he can go work at the Sheriff Department as a fiscal controller since he is scared that the New "Comish" is after his head! lets keep an eye on this story! Todd you need to check into those tips! it is happening under closed doors! Good luck and keep the fight on!

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Sheriff’s office OKs pay freeze

you must have NOT worked at the county SHERIFF DEPT because many times something is ruined the first thing you hear is that is why you get a uniform allowance! Why don't you ask some officers and they might tell you yes or no, but I KNOW FOR A FACT some people do! DO YOUR HOMEWORK! And about boots, If your a big guy and need comfortable quality shoes YOU WILL PAY GOOD MONEY! My dad worked at Lordstown and he always wore good boots that he would buy from mason shoes or would go to masters uniforms downtown and spend good money on QUALITY FOOTWARE FOR PROTECTION AND COMFORT! WHO DID YOU WORK FOR THE WATER DEPT WASTE DEPT OR SOMEONE THAT HAD UNIFORMS CLEAN AND PRESSED AND DROPPED OF? GIVE ME A BREAK ITS NOT ABOUT CRYING ABOUT COST BUT MOST TAX PAYERS DO NOT HAVE A CLUE! DO YOUR HOMEWORK! THERE ARE MANY NEWOFFICERS DEPUTIES THAT DO SPEND THEIR MONEY ON MAINTAINING THEIR GEAR! CALL THE S.O ASK IT THEY PROVIDE UNIFORMS OR GEAR FOR THEIR DEPUTIES AND SEE WHAT YOUR TOLD! MAYBE THAT WAY YOU MAY BE CONVINCED OF THE TRUTH! ITS BEEN REWARDING TALKING TO YOU KNOW I AM REALLY CONVINCED THE TAX PAYERS HAVE NO CLUE!

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2 city cops fired in connection with assault on paraplegic in February

It is pretty sad when a chief of pd has no stones to stand by his men! What do you expect once a puppet always a puppet! You get a criminal who obviously was breaking the law and thank God he did not cause or kill someone while he was driving drunk. But of course the administration takes the word of a convicted felon with a criminal history a mile long against to officers that the only wrong doing was having a lapse of judgement in their past work history! The City of Youngstown are again covered in blood from shootings and violent crimes, and the good men and women of law enforcement have to deal with not enough man power to try to get the job done, But no, they have to hug a thug, and also must be sensitive to the the different ethnic needs of the community! Your a black law breaker accusing a white and black officer and the city buckles and on top of it they will probably pay this guy and his girlfriend both with charges pending, some money so they can keep on commiting crimes at the expense of tax payers and the careers of two good officers! Score criminals=1 officers=0. Whao its going to be one hell of a summer! God bless us all! Good luck to the officers hopefully they can appeal to someone with stones and get their jobs back!

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Sheriff’s office OKs pay freeze

Hey joebag09 I agree in the fact that many in law enforcement will take a pinch, but you obviously dont buy uniforms because the jail bdu cost between pants and shirt about 90 dollars and yes they do wear alot..... why? because contrary to popular demand especially the younger Deputies do walk and do cell searches bending kneeling dealing with chemicals that are used to sanitize the jail and even with caution they do manage to ruin a shirt and pant here and there. Dress Uniforms Black shirt and grey wool blend pants are what I said and yes your right some guys look like crap in their uniforms, but for the most part those that are always polished and creased do spend the money on uniforms and as for the boots a good pair of leather polishable boots will cost anywhere from $125-$200.00 that will provide the comfort and protection needed for the jail and for the street! And you know what to many people may use their allowance to pay bills and take care of other business but ultimately they are accountable on uniform inspection day to be clean and look professional. So if your trying to shoot my facts down do your homework and go to red diamond uniform store and ask them on average how often do officers get their required items and also do a price check while your at it on good boots also go to Galls .com and any online police uniform supplier and check prices! Many people hate those in public service and I agree to but you keep beating down the same guys and girls all the time! If your going after public servants drive around and follow your city water department workers and see what they do and where they hide the same as the county sanitary folks and road crews from both city and county! And of course you will find some of the City's finest and counties finest hiding but shame on them! Also you want to save money have the welfare program put those people sitting in offices all day to follow up on those mamas that say that their babies daddy does not live there and see how many you bust! Those dead beat dads that own money that the welfare is truly not actively hunting down! There are so many ways to save money we can sit and debate and disagree and agree until where blue, but the reality is you cannot squeeze blood out of a turnip, especially after they have done and given back in good faith and got the screw job! Will money be saved buy cost cutting absolutely! But do an honest accessment or where the cuts really need to be spread evenly! Like i was told onc,"be fair, firm, and consistent" and that is how many of these cuts should be done and not by personal and political bias! And lets face it this county is full of both!

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Sheriff’s deputies should extend wage concessions

And as for the deputies give them a break all of those laid off made $11.00 and change an hour doing jobs we do not want to do, can't do and are scared to do. They are also working tax payers who also pay for those benefits they rightfully earned and deserve. So what we in the private sector have taken cuts and we too enjoyed decades on great salaries and benefit packages. So now we are hateful and jealous of those in public sector just because they are in the public sector and we expect them to serve us and stay poor! Come on people, give me a break! you can cry foul about the deputies but what about paying for peace like we have been for decades of our tax dollars going to Isreal, Afganistan, Iraq, Europe, Colombia, and other wastesful spending our country does! Remember those laid off Deputies and Public servants when your house is broken into and you have no one or the responses is delayed, when your house is on fire and firemen and women have been laid off! These are the first areas to take on hit on budgets except for the politicians that hold office and take care of their friends whom are working for them.... as many as 10-20 clerks playing with paper all admistrator doing the job we elected three losers oops sorry three commissioners to do, but they are obviously incompetent to do the job they where elected to do! Lets think about that before you ask Deputies especially the ones whom have been with the department for last three and a half years who are recieving food stamps to help supplement their wages because they do not take home enough to provide for their familes because they pay from their $11.00 and change for health insurance, local taxes, union dues, their own pension plan. Its a shame that you accuse the Sheriff department of being the costly one when you have county clerks and secretaries that answer the phone and shuffle paper making $ 16-20 dollars an hour! and you blame the Deputies for their wages when the majority of the deputies hired in the Last 3-4 years started at 10 an hour and are now at 11 and change because of the cost of living increase from the federal gov for the last 2 years! So think about that one! And really research the facts about what is going on in front of your eyes and don't let the talking mouth pieces lie to you and divert the attention from those who really need you to keep an eye on them....i.e.Commissioners, renassaince bldg, tablack and others!

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Sheriff’s deputies should extend wage concessions

Here we go again! You people do not have a clue do you! This comment,"The union president is being disingenuous, at best. There has been no lack of detailed information from the commissioners and the budget director, George Tablack, who also is the administrator, and there have been numerous calls for belt-tightening across the board,"
Give me a break! thanks to the Wall Street Creative accounting of Mr. tablack aka gordon Geco of the movie Wall Street the county lost the Federal Inmates which generated a few Million dollars which should have gone to the Sheriff Department who was providing the service! No, it went to the General fund or should I say the Renassaince Fund! For the county to use at its leasure and waste! Another issue is each department should cut down on the amount of paper they waste. The courts are very wasteful with the amount of paper they waste in repetitive faxes and mailings of warrants, warrant recalls,protection orders and other records that could be consolidated electronically and backed up daily on disk and servers to save a considerable amount of money!

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School’s name triggers group’s ire


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Sheriff’s office OKs pay freeze

That is great that they are willing to do so! The guys and girls at the Mahoning County have been on freeze for last 3 years and they start at $11.00 and change, plus they had their uniform allowance of $1000.00 a year stripped from them. Keep in mind that sounds like a lot of money but hear this they get $500.00 twice a year but they get taxes taken out of it so by the time they get a check its about $250-300.00 dollars. but when their is a monopoly at state level from the Sheriffs association on a code for uniform as to which brands you are allowed to wear this is where it gets better! Sheriff shirts plain shirts without patches go from 35-50 a shirt pants wool blend which is required are roughly about 70-90 dollars a pair patches are 2 dollars apiece heming and patches sewn cost anywhere from an additional 10 dollars per shirt and those gold color buttons well those are 90 cents a piece! god forbid you want to get a great pair of boots that provide solid and comfortable footing thats another 200.00 for a pair to last a year after daily wear and tear! The point is that after all is said and done those $500.00 A YEAR AFTER TAXES FOR UNIFORMS DOES NOT MAKE A DENT! Especially when you have to purchase at least 3 set of everything when you start! Mahoning County requires its deputies to purchase their own.....can't speak about other agencies but YPD pays for their new hires if not all maybe most of their uniforms! And local vendors watch out for a local one that has made money of local officers for years and does not cut departments a break after years of local cops buying for those that say Deputies in Mahoning County have it easy take the time to talk to some of them especially the youngs guys and girls that have been on for the last 3 years and they will tell you what a picnic it has been working for 11.00 hr and paying for their health care like everyone else and living pay to pay! Also remember they do not have many side jobs or moonlight as some may call it like the older cops that have those jobs locked up! There are a few cops old timers that do help out the younger guys and girls with some side work....but it is real tough to deal with criminals and ensure the public safety! Many of you will say oh thats what they choose to do...well guess what if it was fun and easy work YOU would be doing it and I bet you too would be upset over what you would have to deal with! Thank you Deputies of Mahoning,Trumbull County and elsewhere for the work you do that so many of us take you and yours for granted! THANK YOU!

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School’s name triggers group’s ire

Nunya...............ur a pompusssss ass and those colloquial or generalized aspects you referred to I'll have more for you soon! To busy working as oposed to you i do have time to look up elocuent words to show boat myself

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