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Diane von Furstenberg designs Ohio hospital gowns

When you are well enough to complain that a hospital gown is "too feminine", you are well enough to go home. As a nurse, I can completely understand the horror of the open back and we are looking forward to new gowns ourselves. But when patients are complaining about a print of a gown, they are well enough to go home.

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You are right - he had a right to leave. But he left in a cowards way. And everyone here has a right to be angry and SHRED away! I watched the video. It was FUNNY AS HECK to see them all get shredded! I heard, but did not see, that LeBron was shocked to see his jerseys being burned. Ya see, some people are PLAYER fans but most are TEAM FANS. So when you screw the team, you make people mad.

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Interracial relationships increase

@ANTIYOUNGSTOWN - What if you don't LIKE your own? What if you just don't SEE anythign wrong with others? WHY do you have to limit yourself to a portion of the population? I am proud to say that my daughter is the "United Colors of Beneton". She doesn't see color at all. Have her describe a person to you and color/race never comes up. You would actually have to ASK.

@ Youngstown_Strong - KKK=K for Katholic (Catholic), Get it? My ex is Italian and catholic. He WANTED to be in the Klan, the jack, and they would NOT let him because of those two things, Catholic and BEING ITALIAN. Italians are NOT considered WHITE.

USA1 - KKK does NOT accept Italians. Where do you get your info? I could hook you up with my ex and you could talk because he could not get in and it was because of that and being catholic.

starofesther - LOVE THAT! "Moses(Hebrew)married an (Ethopian) Woman"

All this race thing is so stupid. Until the WW2 generation is all gone, we will not have true progress. The baby boomers have started the motin to acceptance I believe and my generation is working towards it and my daughter's generation is well into it and hopefully before I die, I will see it. Then we will have no use for anything like the NAACP and things like that because we will all be one.

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Doggie Days of summer

How cute is that pix of Maggie and Buddy?!? Love it! I wish I would have known cuz I'd have taken my dog, h loves it there. He's a trickster too. We rate the movies we see at home by his reaction. (say "two twirls and a bark") But I don't know if he'd have shown well cuz he has ADD! LOL. The lake is a great place to take the dogs. I meet the girls from work there a lot with our dogs and have lunch while the dogs play. Great piece! Woof!!

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Marc Dann’s wife files for divorce

AL is a class act, much too classy for MD. I know someone who used to work for MD before public office and he was a jerk then. Doesn't seem to be any different. She's better off without him. Maybe she'll get a man who deserves her. Best of luck AL!

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5 women accuse cop of sexual harassment

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Warren businessman pleads guilty to 9 felonies

Yeah, "businessman" was a PC term for this guy.

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Elton John books show in Youngstown arena

SEJ is a major talent and kudos to those who got him here. I enjoy many of his songs. As a Christian I do NOT agree with his views BUT those are his views, not mine. This area needs more attractions to be brought here. The economy is terrible and if this can happen more often, then it's great. If you don't like an act, don't go.

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Brookfield man admits raping, beating stepson, 8

The stories get worse and worse about what this jerk did. I hope they reach the population in prison too. Prisoners have their own code.

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Kristin’s heart

My prayers are with you and your family.

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