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Warning issued to violators of curfew

We moved from Cleveland to Youngstown six years ago. Hughes was then chief of police. Hughes is Black and I am Black. Most of the crime was on the South Side where I live. I saw NOTHING possitive that Hughes did but be a PR man on TV. Mr Foley has been in office for less than a year and I am seeing results. Don't get me wrong, I support Black people in office that do their job, but to my people don't vote for a person because they are Black, vote for those who do their job. Ps., I will be voting for Mr. Obama, because he is doing the best he can with what he had to work with. I am glad that Hughes did not win the Sherrif position. Thank you Mr. Foley for trying to curb this violence in the city.

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Some Ohio teachers displeased with new evaluation system

For as long as I can remember, teachers have been under paid, mothers and fathers for our children and when something goes wrong in school, the first to be blamed. I grew up in the Cleveland Public school system which was a very good system. The teachers cared about the success of the students and where necessary were allowed to administer discipline. Now the state has stepped in, took control and is trying to make everything a dictatorship. The teachers don't control the money, the administration does. Look at the contracts for the teachers; they are receiving less and less and getting more and more responsibilities.

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Former police Chief Jimmy Hughes to run for Mahoning County sheriff

I have been living in Youngstown, this time for about six years. I moved from Cleveland to the South Side. This was good and bad. We had lived here in 96 and 97 before moving back to Cleveland. In the time we have been back, Mr Hughes has done absolutely nothing to curve the crime on the south side commited mostly by Black youth. It took the murder of a member of St. Dom's to draw attention to the problem. By the way I am Black and feel that electing Mr. Hughes to ANY office is a mistake. Blacks should not vote for him because he is Black. Ask yourself this question, when we were being terrorized on the south side what did Hughes do to stop the violence? Answer, nothing.Some Black politicians are worst than a predudice White politician. Vote for someone who cares about the people not their pockets.

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Hiring Heroes

I don't usually say things like I am about to say, but I am tired of these uneducated, backward, anti-Democratic idiots always blaming the countries' economic problems on one Party. The wars were started under both Bush administrations. Wall Street, the banks, corporations were bailed out because they wasted our monies under Republican administrations. The House, where the majority are Tea Party and Republicans, have shot down every bill that could add jobs because they are in the pocket of the rich who were bailed out under Obama and they have the Social Darwinism and racist attitude. How dare a Black man, who is half White, run OUR country. The soldiers had no business having to fight these wars in the first place so that companies such as the one Dick Chaney basically runs can get rich while our soldiers die, get mained for life and then gome back to no jobs. I am not originally from Youngstown, but I can see why the city and surrounding area is so poor. Idiots, racists and just plumb FOOLS dominate this area. Get off your buttocks and attend Y.S.U. and take an American Government class with a person like Dr. Lepak or Dr. Benning before you open your stupid mouths. We want to help the veterans, not blame the ones' who are trying to help.

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Robberies, shootings, juvenile crime plague city

I am so tired of reading the same thing over and over again.As an older Black man, I don't understand what is happening to the Black family. When I was a teenager my grandparents who reared me gave me a curfew. The thought of robbing, killing, or disrespecting an adult never entered my mind. I wanted to get good grades in school and become a responsible adult. But then my grandparents first believed and served God. They were not hesitant to use corporal punishment along with love to help keep me straight. Now the average Black family worships the rappers with their profanity in their music, parents don't know what their kids are doing and some support thier little crooks and then blame the White man for all their ills. There was far less opportunity for success for Blacks 50 years ago than there is now. But some of us just don't care. If it was possible people like Dr. King would be
turning over in his grave because of what young Black parents have allowed some of our youth to become.

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YSU faculty calls off strike

This is to the anti-union IDIOTS! The founders of the Constitution were white affuent, land owners that were white men. If you were a less than rich white man, a white woman, a black person(SLAVE), a native American(SAVAGE), you had no rights. "We the People" only included those that ran the Government. The white woman struggled from 1878 to 1920 just to have th right to vote. The black man and the Native American are still SLAVES and SAVAGES in the eyes of the indiots and rich who yet control the power. The reason for unions was because of slave labor and wages and unsafe working conditions. The anti-union idiots, the Kasich, Walker, the Tea Party Movement, the lovers of the rich and therefore lovers of money FIRST, won't be happy until the USA becomes another Egypt and Libya. One day the real people are going to get tired of being oppressed politicians, coroporate leaders, banks and othres who give themselves outrageous financial advantage while demeaning and giving crumbs to the workers. The USA will not be distroyed from the outside so-called terrorist, but from the greedy terrorists that governed this country, the busineses and our colleges.

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Staff talks, students walk in YSU negotiations

As a YSU junior and a non-traditional student, I applaude the song submitted by "whitesabbath" and especially the comments of Dr. Bruce Waller. Dr. Waller is an excellent teacher. His one class on "Critical Thinking", enables the student to abandon ths "Banking Theory of Education" which so many schools and colleges adhere to. Dr. Waller has not allowed the title "Doctor" to go to his head. He along with people like Dr. Benning, Prof. Sergi, Dr. Tessier, Dr. Lepak, and others remain faithful to the student's
education not the size of their pay-checks. I am hoping that Dr. Anderson REALLY cares about the YSU students and not just become one od the "good ole boys" with a skirt. I TRULLY support the falcuty in their efforts to maintain a respectful income. They are the ones who do the work, not the empowered heads who have the majority of the financial benefits. But then is not this the American way? The President, the House (especially), the Senate, the Govenors, (Kasich and Walker), are not about to give one penny of their salaries to help anyone, but will dictate to everyone else that we should survive the best way we can with what they ALLOW us to have.

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Aid, scholarship delays fluster YSU students

What is rhe difference in Wall Street, large Corporations, the banks, the extreme rich( who pay little or no tax), the federal branches of govt., the Pres., Congress, the Supreme Court, and Y.S.U. board, NOTHING? Dr. Anderson will be making 305K in another year or so. I am quite sure the Board make sure that they are paid well. And as a junior and non-traditional student, I STRONGLY suggest that you parents watch carefully the info. you get back form the financial dept. What the above really are is PIMPS. They get their's FIRST without any regulation from anyone but themselves and then decide what crumbs to give to the REAL workers at Y.S.U.

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Mom: No justice for slain daughter

I hate to repeat myself but as a victim of crime I learned that the police do their job, but the prosecutors have no regard for the Black lives of the people who live in this city. It had to take the death of two White citizens on the South side to get the attention of the prosecutors. What would nice is that these criminals would be release next door to all city prosecutors and then we would see if the judges and prosecutors would be smiling.

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Mayor-elect Sammarone: 'Don't give me an excuse'

I am hoping and praying that the new mayor elect will take a no nonsense approach to the crime problems of the inner city. As far as the Black on Black crime, the problem starts with the Black parents. I am Black and I am tired of our women having child after child with every low life drug dealer, non working bum, theives, sagging pants male that comes along. If the mothers would stop thinking about sexual fulfilment and have some morals, some of these potential killers would never ber born. Dr. Benning's opinion of the new mayor makes me know that he ( new mayor) is a good administrator. Dr. Benning is a respectful and caring person whose opinion should be heard. To my fellow Black city residents, stop allowing these young Black men and women keep us hostage by protecting them. Prosecutors, STOP letting plea bargaining and letting them back on the streets to KILL us!

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