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YSU to make $420K from Pitt game after OSU cancellation

You are confused because you are a stupid person. Read the article.

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YSU faculty and staff lack confidence in trustees’ leadership

The Board hired a glorified gym teacher to run one of the few economic engines of the Valley. No one should have faith in them.

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Hagan to run for state board of education

I considered correcting your grammar, above, but considered it a lost cause.

Getting elected and then accomplishing nothing thereafter is not a record of achievement.

As long as Youngstown continues to elect non-performers like this, Youngstown will get what it deserves.

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Hagan to run for state board of education

Bob Hagan has bragged publicly for years that he graduated at the bottom of his class at Ursuline. He did not attend college. He has no noteworthy achievements relating to education (or anything else for that matter) after decades in the state legislature, both as a Representative and Senator.

What are his qualifications to advise on education policy? None.

Will local voters elect him? Probably.

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Arby's comes home to mark 50th

A nice story about a successful Valley company, and 2 of the first 3 people to comment go negative. Only in Youngstown.

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Is Jim Tressel qualified to be YSU president?

Only in Youngstown is it even possible that Tressel is a serious candidate. It's because of decisions like this that Youngstown is in the shape it is. Youngstown gets what Youngstown deserves.

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Boardman High grads number 381

This might be the dumbest article to ever appear in the Vindicator, and that's saying something.

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Hagan says he’ll run for U.S. Senate in 2016

Bob Hagan is an embarrassment to himself, his constituency, and to the Ohio Senate. He has the intellect a high school junior with failing grades, and the abilities of said junior’s dumb friend from remedial math class.

Youngstown will continue to get what it deserves as long as it elects morons like this to represent its interests in government. Call me crazy, but I prefer that my elected representative be intelligent, sensible and effective. He is none of the above.

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Two large Ohio newspapers split endorsements between Obama, Romney

The real problem with Youngstown is that it's full of people from Youngstown.

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Many GM workers yearn to go home

Tyler -

Docta say I need a backiotomy.

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