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School’s name triggers group’s ire

I'm ashamed that my city has people who are so disrespectful and racist. I'm speaking of both sides of this argument. I would bet dollars to donuts that very few of the posters on here would publicly act and talk the way they do on here. Anonymity on here shows people's true character. I once read; "Character is how you act when nobody is watching." I think that applies here. I know I have my demons, but what some people are posting is not just hurtful, but also stupid. It's embarrassing.

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School’s name triggers group’s ire

I would hope that the time, money, and effort used would go towards improving the education and home-lives of the students that attend that school. In life sometimes we get caught up in the minor details instead of looking at what is actually happening. Youngstown is trying to keep it's collective head above water, and this group is worried about who to name the BRAND NEW school? Be happy that they will have a nice environment to learn in. Use the money and time you were doing to use to protest to have a family night. Have free book give-a-ways or bring in food for the children. The schools are for the kids, so let's turn our efforts to making their experience better. There is no need to worry about the name.

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Y’town schools inexplicably don’t want to race to the top

Curious as to the author of this article. Usually they put the person's name, but this has nothing.

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Canfield man agrees to 3-year sentence in dragging death]

What happened to the 20 or so messages before these ones?

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Canfield man gets 3 years for dragging death

It appears that rational people understand the events of that night and are coping with them. Irrational people are trying to still plead their case and point the finger. I feel we should all put this behind us.
Regardless of the side you are sympathetic to, both men are suffering. My prayers go out to Mr. Culp's family for their loss. My prayers also go out to Mr. Burke and his family.

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Canfield man gets 3 years for dragging death

It's a tragic accident that changed the lives of many people. There are some aspects of this case that fault multiple people. Burke was handed a sentence for fleeing the scene of an accident that involved a fatality. He was not charged with murder. The evidence gathered could not tell if the victim was dead before or after Burke came into contact with him. There is much stipulation, even stories saying that Culp was dead before Burke initially ran him over. Is Burke wrong for fleeing? I believe he made a bad decision. Is Burke a murderer? No. It's unfortunate for both families. One has to deal with a deceased family member. The other with a family member in prison for 3 years. All from an accident. Would adding more years change anything? Would it keep a killer off the streets? No.

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Austintown board approves move to the AAC

There is a lot of talk about academics in the media today. However, if you're looking for academics in the sports section you're looking in the wrong place. (There is also no discussion of Austintown's schools in the funny pages either.)
If you would like to hear about some local education pieces here's the link you need:

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Austintown board approves move to the AAC

Mr. Chine is a well respected and liked board member. I believe people are seeing his comments as negatives towards their community. They are not slights to Canfield, Poland, Howland, etc. Rather, they are a testament to the Federal League programs. With all due respect to the AAC, the Federal League is a much more competitive league. I am not saying the AAC is a bad league, they have some very good teams. In comparison though, the Federal League has better competition. For example; lets look at some talent from the past 5 years that have made an impact in the past year in boys basketball;
-Canton Glenoak - Kosta Koufos - In the NBA playoffs with the Utah Jazz.
-Canton McKinley - Raymar Morgan - Helped lead Michigan St. to the Final Four.
-Massillon Jackson - 2009-2010 Division I State Champs.
I know I am going to get people who respond with talented players from AAC teams, and I agree the AAC is talented. In my opinion there might not be a tougher conference in the state than the Federal League. Anyone who still questions the 2 leagues can check the list of teams playing in a state championship in every sport. The list for the Federal League might be quadruple that of the AAC. No disrespect, just facts...(and some opinion).

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