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Republican Donald Trump stretched the truth during his Youngstown speech

When are people going to understand? Donald Trump does not want to be President of the United States. After beating sixteen veteran politicians, the game is over. He has succeeded in creating a deep chasm in the Republican Party and is deliberately trying to throw the election to Hillary Clinton, who has no plan except to extend the policies of Barack Obama. The 2016 election will go down in history as the most ridiculous and game-changing events in politics - and who loses? The American people

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UPDATE | Kimble rescinds Staten's appointment; selects Shivers for commission

She'll appeal it - she has no interest other than to stall the implementation of the Youngstown Plan as long as is possible. There is zero interest in the students.

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Victorian Players Theater delays opening of play

Should say will NOW open March 11

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UPDATE | Dem chair Betras wants Mayor McNally to resign

Wow - what a waste of time, money and taxpayer resources. They had better have something big to share if neither is going to jail.

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Super Tuesday has makings of super outcome for Trump; Kasich banking on March 15

And that will guarantee a Democratic win -the only question is whether it will be President Clinton or Sanders

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Mill Creek shake-up prompts calls to repeal MetroParks levy

It isn't ridiculous to put the matter before the voters again. If what some on this thread say is true then it will be approved again. This is the only way voters have to be certain their voices are heard. This whole situation could have been handled much better.

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Mill Creek and the private-sector look

Point taken. The public does not and will not know the extent of private personnel discussions. However, the way this was done has created a PR problem for Mr. Young. When you publicly dismiss long term employees, especially those who are closely identified by the public as "the face" of Mill Creek Park, there is going to be visceral reaction by that public. Since when does the implementation of a business model and accountability to the public turn into heartless contempt? Shame on you for blaming this on the voters who passed the levy.

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Youngstown school board member questions legality, ethics of president's, son's votes

If Mr. Hunter is indeed an outsider, perhaps that is a good thing - he can be more objective. It is the voters in Youngstown who have elected Brenda Kimble and her son - and they get what they deserve. These are merely stall tactics aimed at delaying the appointment of a CEO. If Ms. Kimble and her son truly cared about the children of this school district, they would drop this ridiculous appeal, name a current licensed teacher to the commission and allow the district to move forward.

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Board votes 4-3 to back Kimble’s appeal; Hunter blasts resolution

Please tell me this is just a nightmare and this woman whom the public has re-elected to the Board of Education isn't really preventing massive improvements to a damaged school system!! Unconscionable!!

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Would-be robbers laughed out of West Side bar

This is great

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