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Werecat (anonymous) says...

Oh Leo... there you go again.

The FACT is that Cat Ladies Society was NOT given probation. We voluntarily signed an agreement with the prosecutor's office to get our shelter back up and running.

There were NO charges filed. This despite incredible efforts from Animal Charity personnel because they called in the media without bothering to properly investigate before deciding to raid the place. What kind of incompetent raids a place without ever having visited it before?

The Cat Ladies Society is the only shelter in the area that will take in a sick animal and treat it with something besides euthanasia solution. We had three head tilt cats, all of whom arrived at the shelter with head tilts. We get cats in with corneal scars all the time - because we are the only shelter that keeps them and finds them homes. Our animals were neither dead nor dying - until they were stolen, tortured and killed by Animal Charity.

Furthermore, the cats in the shelter had pretty much run the gauntlet of medications available to treat what was, in most cases, a chronic upper respiratory issue. Amoxi had been used, as had Clavamox, Baytril, Cephalexin, Zenequin, Doxycycline and even Antirobe.

We work with more than one veterinarian to treat our shelter animals. As I've stated before, stop by and I'll be glad to show you the itemized list from our bank account.

As far as Mariposa's comments, yes 10k would buy a lot of Amoxicillin. But as you also pointed out, the Amoxicillin must be given as directed by a veterinarian. Ten k is a nice chunk of change, but it doesn't buy unlimited vet visits, at $40 per exam fee/initial visit, nor does it pay for a lot of hospitalizations, which can easily go $500 or more.

Our approach to cat intake and adoptions is the opposite of most shelters. With our high intake fee, we place the financial burden upon the person abdicating their responsibility to their pet. With our low adoption fees we give the person doing a good thing - adopting a shelter pet - a break. And keep in mind that we often don't get an intake fee but we still take in and care for the animals to the best of our ability.

As far as my years at Angels goes... I worked my butt off. I took on the Foster Care program when nobody else wanted to. I recruited foster parents and got hundreds of cats out of death row and into loving foster homes. I also worked at almost every adoption event, trying to move cats out of foster homes and into permanent loving homes. For every person you can find who says bad things about the years I spent VOLUNTEERING there, I'm reasonably certain I could find one or two who remember good things about working with me.

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Veterinary Technician