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Wedding reception goes wild in Girard

No one needs to be hurt by another human for stupidity. Yes, the groom was drunk and having the server comment about the bride like he did, well not a good combo. Most people would have more sense then to say such things to a groom, drunk or not!! People were trying to get him outside so he could cool off. The server followed him out & continued to egg him on. After he hit the groom and got him to the ground he was hit, once, by one person to try and get him off the groom. He was not beaten. It was a fluke thing that so much damage was done. I'm sorry he was hurt, but he did start the fight, so I'll say Boys will be boys. Its said he went out to stop a drunk driver?? Why put yourself in danger for someone you were serving too much alcohol to. Should of called the cops for that! You say the boss told you too? ok.. What about the part where your boss said you were NOT allowed to serve shots? That part you were ok with?

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Wedding reception goes wild in Girard

I see.. Yep, you do know what happen. Now, can you say 2nd HAND LIES!!! yeah..
I don't think that person should of hit anyone (ONCE) in the face, believe me, BUT this was, as your brother in law the "server" claims, getting outta hand. So they should of never been making stupid comments about the bride to the groom! He was not there to DRINK SHOTS with the party, he was there to serve. PERIOD! Not to flirt, drink or comment on anything. He was hired by the bride and groom so he should not of been Disrespectful. He was serving and doing shots All Nite! What he did was illegal. If he thought the party was starting out bad.. Sure, ADD MORE ALCOHOL!! Really? He is not classified as a "Bartender". They claim he was a "server". Bartenders usually have more sense then to allow people to be served while underage!! Also, they tend to cut people off before they get so drunk they start slamming there heads into hard objects! I don't know how he got this job, but it wasn't for his brains!! He needs to take this time off to refocus his career. I'm sorry he got hurt, but he was just as drunk and stupid as the people he was serving.

Also, I did see & here the phone call to 911 & she was trying to get help to come to the club. Help from the officer with the "malfunctioning pepper spray"!!!
Now, VINDY.. Make It Right! Show the results of the lie detectors. See Who Is WILLING to take one! I'll Bet My Life, not one of the Girard Officers Will!!! I'd Bet the groom would even take it, LIVE!!! lol Hey, lies.. Lets see if your brother in law the bartender will do THAT!!

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