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Catale says critic has political agenda

The concept of seperating students based on academic needs in nothing new to Youngstown City Schools. When I was attending Harding back in the 80's, the school system wanted to transfer me to West Elementary for the gifted program. The program included students from all over the district. It was not based on race, income, religion, etc... only academics.
Please give these kids a chance to succeed.

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Wonderful food and a wonderful atmosphere! Los Gallos is one of my family's favorite resturants. Maybe they'll expand into the Austintown area?

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Pishkur would be paid $9,000 weekly as a Forum Health consultant

So many questions...

What happened to the search for a suitable CEO with healthcare experience?
What has Forum been compensating Buzz for the three weeks that have passed since his 'step-down?'
Does Forum really think the lenders with allow them to spend anymore of "THEIR" money on Buzz?

Forum, the clock is ticking... when will the ignorance end?

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Pishkur would be paid $9,000 weekly as a Forum Health consultant

I would not pay him fifty cents.

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Utility to sell you $9 bulbs for $21

IF the bulbs are hand delivered, can't we just refuse them from whomever brings them to our doors?

I already own the bulbs too. When I need more bulbs, I buy them 2 for $3.50. Coupons would have been the best idea.

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No V&M deal: Melfi

Melfi should be concerned...
He will be the reason V&M will choose to expand somewhere else.
Another embarrassment for our valley.

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Enjoy retirement Nick! You will be greatly missed!

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Prosecutor to appeal dismissal of pharmacist's drug indictment

I agree that physicians are "afraid" to prescribe any narcotic pain relievers, even when there is a history of surgery and chronic pain.
Society as a whole, NEEDS to address chronic pain and stop the suffering! I do not agree with Internet prescriptions, but what other options are out there for people suffering from true chronic pain? If your own family doctor is afraid of 'addictions'...where can you turn???

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