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Hillary Clinton joins NYC-based speaker agency

Hillary Clinton 2016

Powerful Woman Not Too Far Away
...Watch and See What's Next In Her Thick Resume.

Hillary 2016

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Boosting security at Boardman

But these shoes will take steps in the right direction. Safety is key.

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Ex-President George H.W. Bush sends Obama regards

That was very nice, kind, and thoughtful of George HW. and Barbara.

Just cuirious, where's George's son been hiding?!
Oh, we forgot ...young George still hiding like the rodent Punxsutawney Phil (the GroundHog) -we won't see him till Feb. 2...he's always afraid of his own shadow and temporarily emerges then
swiftly returns back into his hole!

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49ers head to Super Bowl, beating Falcons 28-24

Congratulations to Jim Harbaugh and the San Fran Team!

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Battle lines drawn over $500M in gun reforms

To: Hman (post 41)

think again..on your quote:.."If I want to give my daughter a firearm to keep in her apartment for defense I should not have to seek approval..."

?^^ R E A L L Y ^^ ?

I don't care if it's your daughter, son, friend, or neighbor or're WRONG and IRRESPONSIBLE! Abide the law.

So, if a physician prescribes you prescription strength pain pills, or other meds, this does not give you permission to share them and give to others when/if needed. Frankly, it's the right or title acquired under common law by such possession.
Also, is this how you would handle drivers' license, car insurance, titles, registrations,( Perhaps, an accident?)mortgage,(Burglary/fire) social security cards,(stolen) bank accounts,credit cards and other special documents or valuables, safety dep. box etc., etc., that are assigned and responsibility in your name? Consider fraud or ficticious, malicious acts.
You know the current laws so abide, comply, observe, regarding those laws rules and obligations.
This President will enforce, propose and set gun control in its place.

Now, if you're going to give/gift your daughter a pistol, rifle, AK47, you probably should check with her first, (LOL!) make the purchase WITH her so she can pick it out, SHE get HER registration and license,background check and lessons to load, unload, shoot. WHAT A CONCEPT.

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Browns hire Rod Chudzinski as new coach

The Head Coach Name is "Rob" Chudzinski...NOT Rod.

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Cruze sales up 29 percent in November

Very Good November Sales. Keep Rollin'.

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Mahoning County

What is this? Does anybody have a clue what this is for?

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Official: Las Vegas casino junkets possible from Vienna airport

SOLD...2 Tickets to Pair-A-Dice !

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