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2 Vienna officers resign after money probe

FYI Ford stole $150, Maccione stole drugs that were locked up. They both need charged. Next is the good ol Chief he is supposed to be in charge of his dept, and was not. He needs charged with Derilection of Duty. But none of this matters to some of you people as long as Darbey sat in your trailor park to patrol the 15mph speed limit you loved him. Well That is another illegal move by Darbey, And I didnt know the township paid him to patrol private property. Since he does I would like him to start patroling my driveway, sometimes people go over 15mph in it. Anywho Richie, Hedi, and Phil Dropped the ball once again. Lets wise up in November VOTE THEM OUT!!!

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Vienna police chief plans to resign

The Two officers took $150 and drugs. Where is the rest? And Darbey resigned, then was given a raise to do less than he did as chief. Is that even possible? Great Job Richie, Phil, and Hedi you dropped the ball for this township.....AGAIN!

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Warren Harding grad Manningham inks 2-year-deal with 49ers

Who Cares He went to Mis*%tagan

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