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Nemenz supporters turn tables on pickets

I can guarantee that these kids are NOT paid nor were they asked to do this by Mr Nemenz. They are NOT anti-union either. Just as the union has the "right" to picket, so do these kids. They are standing up for something that they believe in. IGA does pay comparable wages and benefits to his employees, and I believe it is the employees right to decide if and when they want to unionize. These young people picked Struthers to start their adult lives, they bought homes there, they work there, they SHOP there. They were tired of being judged every time they pulled into IGA parking lot. I agree with the comment made earlier, 90 days is enough time to get your informational picket information out there.... come on people...2 years???!!!

August 24, 2009 at 5:12 p.m. suggest removal