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Suspects in Realtor's killing have no record

When their on death row they can feel as Ms. Vivian did.. scared and aware of her death.
I was wondering just a few weeks ago, how does someone feel when they have found out that it is their relative that has murdered someone. I now know. Robert and Paul are my first cousins on my mothers side. I am basically still in shock and feel that he and the other guy should get what every murderer deserves; death.
I learned the true reason why the death penalty is right. For the murderer to know what death coming at them feels like.
Very eye-opening and almost overwhelming. Disturbing to say the least.
My deepest respects go out to Ms. Vivian, her daughter(s), (sons,), and her entire family lineage. God will bless.

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Brooks brothers hearing pushed back to Thursday

I agree with that!
The death penalty is the only punishment that fits this crime. They should feel as she did. I am going to die, Im frieghtned, and the last breath.

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