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That’s what the Tea Party is about

The tea party is really a group of people desperate in one thing; not taking responsibility for their own actions. According to them everything is someone else's fault (our government, Obama, libs, Dems, moderate Republicans, etc) But these are the same people who doggedly promoted starting two wars, who doggedly promoted the deregulation of the financial institutions, who doggedly promoted unquestioned and unrestrained military spending and who doggedly promoted the greatest redistributing of wealth (from the middle class to the rich) in US history. They also doggedly promoted allowing our financial institutions and auto industries to fail (thank God they were not in political power). Without those tea party/Republican policies our country would be in great shape financially. There is no country that works harder and smarter. But the tea party/Republicans refuse to take responsibility and learn from their actions.  Instead of admitting they were/are wrong and making reasonable adjustments to their beliefs, they'd rather burn the whole thing down. They'd rather self righteously blame others and watch our country fail rather than admit their own personal culpability. 

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