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Obama, Romney spar on taxes, jobs, education, health care

I went into watching the debate with an open mind and tried not to have a predisposed opinion about our current leader nor did I look at the contender as a the answer. My key observation, which was mentioned earlier by I think Walter, is that Obama held his head low the entire night, rarely spoke directly to his opponent, and was overall lacking any energy or compassion. Romney, who I feel had a generally positive demeanor, showed that he is willing to look at things in a different light, however, he did not offer specifics on some matters. All-in-all, I think prior to watching this debate, the majority of voters had their minds made up, but for the undecided voters, this debate helped swing them towards Romney. It would seem that under Obama's tenure, we have found ourselves in a declining environment where wages are shrinking, employment is shrinking, and hope is shrinking. Will Romney provide the answers we need to help propel this country into the future? I'm not too sure. But one thing is certain; we should not buy into half-facts nor should we accept something which we have complete control over. This country is amazing because we have the ability to vote and let our voices be heard. I just hope those of you complimenting or degrading an opponent base those ideas on facts and not opinions which sadly is the case for many of those posting messages on this website, specifically on politics.

Please do us a favor and instead of being so extremely Democratic or Republican, look at the facts and see these candidates as two individuals, regardless of color or party involvement. Look at them with the same intention which is this: which one of these men will improve our country.

Sadly I must note, with much approval and disapproval as it may cause, that improving your country does not mean receiving free handouts. Those who expect something have an opinion which I truly believe is not worth the opinion of someone who constantly goes to work and helps improve themselves in every aspect of their lives.

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Should Youngstown City Council approve a lease for oil and gas drilling on city-owned land?

Leasing our land is a terrible idea. You think small earthquakes are bad? People were up in arms months ago about a 4.0 that lasted literally 2 seconds. And where will they want to drill? There is no viable source of "public" land other than our beloved Mill Creek Park. Let me pose a few questions: What happens when the gas and oil are sucked dry? What do we do then? Who is going to get the revenue from leasing the land? What will that money go to? What if there are more earthquakes?

You know what our city and what our economy really needs? The manufacturing facilities in China where Apple/Microsoft/HP products are made that employ 1.2 MILLION people.. That's 1,200,000 people or almost 20 times the population of Youngstown.

Stop fighting this battle and get more involved with real change that will last for generations.

You people only think of MONEY, which in the end, you don't end up seeing a nickle from it.

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Boardman increases number of police officers


Your referring to all Walmart shoppers as trash? I've seen plenty of well kept, properly dressed, and perfect English speaking individuals and families at that same facility. Just because you may or may not shop there doesn't mean it's a terrible place nor a breading ground for blight and crime.

Albeit nighttime shopping at this same facility isn't always comfortable, but use your better judgement and get your running around done during the day like most people.

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Another fight reported near Taft School in Youngstown

Contact your local politicians and demand change. Tell them if they don't back you up on this issue you won't be voting for them come election time.

Tell your friends, family, and neighbors to do the same.

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Another fight reported near Taft School in Youngstown

In my teens we would gather in large groups for prayer. Yes I went to Youngstown public schools, no it wasn't too long ago.

The parents need to step in, the only assistance some of these people should receive is classes on raising kids to be respectful, productive, and visionaries in a modern world. Great things could be achieved...

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Romney done addressing the crowd in Youngstown


the CIA does deal drugs and guns open your eyes... They were caught during the "Fast and Furious" campaign giving guns to the mexican cartels and in turn allowing those organizations to smuggle drugs and weapons back into the U.S. which were used in violent crimes, etc.

I know wikipedia is a general encyclopedia, but take a look at this information just to give you a quick background on what the CIA and U.S. gov't did. Don't be so naive.

Ron Paul is a true patriot. Those who think he is a kook need stop being brain washed. Vote Ron Paul 2012.

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Would-be entrepreneurs visit Youngstown Business Incubator

The YBI and Garden Club are part of the reason why Youngstown was one of the top 10 cities to start a business in the U.S. Many thanks to these organizations. Good luck to those who presented their ideas this morning!

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UPDATE: Hagan petition to get Limbaugh off Youngstown airwaves gaining support

Wow, what is this, a police state? Next stop, 1984!

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BREAKING NEWS: Expect delays on I-680 due to tanker truck accident

I'm the product of Youngstown city schools. Dean's List recipient, college graduate, and successful in my field. Leave your snide remarks to yourself.

P.S. your punktuation and speeling our verie bad.

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UPDATED: Police seek stalker as suspect; Canfield murder victim identified

All of you who bash crime in Youngstown saying it's a slum and whatnot should be ashamed of yourself! Just because it happened in Canfield doesn't mean it's any better or worse. The latter part of my comment was to see if you naysayers would come out and attack me in droves which you did. Crime is crime is crime! Our ENTIRE area needs to be cleaned up of these animals, not just Youngstown.

As I said before, God be with the victim, family and friends. She sounds like a stand up gal who will be missed. I pray they find this evil man soon and rid our community of this waste before he can prey again.

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