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dburkey (anonymous) says...

Dear VTVady79,
I am Joanne Coughlin's niece. I found your posting regarding yesterday's VINDICATOR story, on my favortite aunt.
I very much appreciate your interest, kind comments and investigative work you had mentioned doing.
The letter I wrote last year was to
I wrote the editor about Joanne because, the METRO (a monthy publication) had contributed an entire edition to the demolition of, WOODROW WILSON HIGH SCHOOL.
Joanne attended Wilson. She was a very popular, well liked student who graduated from there in 1971. I've never given up hope of solving Joanne's disappearance.
Always looking for the opportunity to keep Joanne's story alive, I felt my letter might bring some...ANY, new leads to the case.
I was totally shocked to read about the possibility that, Joanne's photo was among the one's found in Rodney Alcala's storage locker. I will be looking into this "new spark" about my aunt.

Respectfully Yours,
D. Burkey (Secre)

March 26, 2010 at 7:39 a.m. reply suggest removal