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Warren officials apply for funds for trailhead

The Greenway Trail is a wonderful way of providing public enjoyment of nature, fitness and something more to do than watching TV or going to the movies. Rails to trails is the best, but now we are seeing crime take advantage of these trails and using them for criminal activity.

If anyone has been watching or reading the news recently, there have been robberies and some shootings north of us on public trails, which brings out the question of when will we add police patrols on the trails? If we want the public to feel safe, we must add patrols to the trails. Then you will see those parking lots fill up with cars and families and not broken glass from auto thefts or beer bottles and cans and drug needles.

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Man robbed, shot was delivering pizza to vacant Ohio address

Of course they have no right to do what they did. But, how do you stop it? More gun laws do not work, as the criminals do not abide by laws. Laws are for law abiding citizens.

The answer is a change in society on how we treat criminals. Our courts and prisons are too soft on criminals. We spend somewhere around $35,000 for each prisoner in the system. If we truly want to reverse this shocking trend, we must be prepared to administer severe punishment comparable to the crime committed and not reward them with a slap on the wrist, or a 10 year sentence for murder.

Our growing crime is not a result of more criminals, it is a result of society going soft, providing the criminal with more support than ever before, while victims and their families suffer more than ever before. Our bleeding hearts are killing us.

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No opposition to proposed $800M power plant in Lordstown

From what I have read, natural gas generation plants are common in the south and southwest. Their main attraction is ease of construction with less red tape due to lack of dangerous fuels, which enables quick construction time leading to less overall costs.

Of course, the extraction of natural gas in our area is a big concern due to the fracking issue. So, where will we go next with our future power generation? More demand means more injection wells to dispose of the unwanted liquids used in fracking to bring natural gas up to the surface and pipe it over to the power plant.

Are we in the Valley ready for gas generation plants, pipelines and increased drilling? Other states seem to have mitigated their issues. Time will tell for The Valley...


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Gov. John Kasich says he’ll prove the detractors wrong and be elected president

All this chatter about the Presidential Race makes me sad because we all know what is coming...and it has started. I am speaking about Right Wing, Left Wing, Democraps, Republicants, etc. What new issues will pop up to drum up the foamers who know better than the rest of us? We have lost our civility.

Ignore all this foamer stuff and remember to vote with your brain and not your emotions. Pick the person you feel will do the best job, be the leader we truly want in time of crisis and bring stability to Washington.

Remember, "We the people" says much not only about our heritage, but about where we can go when we unite, rather than fight and bicker among ourselves.

We are a nation of over 320,000,000 million people. I think its time to unite and pick us a leader we can be proud to say is our President.

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Lake Newport became a cesspool

This brings to my mind the challenges we face with the over population of Canada Geese and the filth and destruction they are doing to our parks, yards and commons. When I was a youngster we never saw Canada Geese in our area. Now they are everywhere and they are eating grass and leaving smelly green and black excrement all over our yards, in our ponds and lakes and public parks. We can't bring our dogs to many parks because they may take a dump, but they would have to dodge all the geese dumpings first.

We have to take a logical look at opening up goose hunting to cull the flocks. Some community parks and the State of Ohio are now having special culling hunts by shooting geese at the parks. I believe Mill Creek Park participated in this culling event, but it is not enough.

One way of deterring geese from parks is to allow the grass to grow as tall as one to two feet high. This tall grass is too high for the geese to see predators, so they avoid the area. Of course, this also affects humans because they want nice grassy lawns to walk in, play in, sunbathe in and lay down a nice picnic lunch. You don't see anyone laying down a blanket for a picnic lunch in a park any more because of all the goose feces.
When will we learn?

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Bill Cosby's lawyers ask judge to keep settlement sealed

Geeze, I wonder why he wants to keep the facts away from the public?

What a two-timing jerk he is. He wants publicity for his appearances, but he refuses to admit he is a womanizing, rapist, foul mouthed jerk.

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Schiavoni calls for state superintendent’s removal

Charter Schools are a testament to our poor educational system. If many of our public schools would begin teaching our children correctly, you would not see charter schools at all. They are here because parents are fed up with public schools. We are pouring billions of dollars into child education here in our country and we are still ranked poorly against many other countries. The answer is...get the federal government out of our education system. Federal government can't even balance their own books and everything they run is a mess. They control so much of how we must educate our children yet it is only getting worse.

I was shocked to watch some young adults trying to make change for a purchase and they could not do it. Later I was at an Amish store one day and was amazed at how well their children could add and subtract and run a computerized register. What is going on here?

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Wal-Mart removing Confederate flag items from stores, online

If you look at the demographics of inner city shootings you will see most of the shootings are done by teens or criminals...both segments that are not allowed to own a handgun or would not pass the FBI background check to purchase a firearm. They get their weapons on the street from other teens, criminals and felons and not from Walmart or any other licensed dealer.

I do not see enough emphasis on illegal firearms possession and subsequent maximum penalties for such. Our courts seem to toss those charges aside in the plea bargaining phase of our justice system. Teens using guns is a real danger, since they are not treated as an adult. That must change if we want to lower gun related crimes.

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Next-generation Cruze comes home

Recalls by auto makers is a fact of life in the manufacturing business because of the extreme pressure to produce a certain number of vehicles per day. Toyota, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda as well as suppliers have all felt the heat.

What led to the increase in foreign auto manufacturing was the dissatisfaction of Americans over American manufactured autos, The '70's, 80's and 90's brought us some real junk to buy, so it opened the door for Honda and Toyota. Now they are juggernauts in the automotive industry and have built some of the best cars on the road. This competition is necessary to keep other manufacturers in line.

We've had them all in our garages over the years...Chevys, Buicks, Pontiacs, Honda, Toyotas and Jeeps. Each has had favorite features, but remember the number of models on the road today may be gone tomorrow because quality and poor design will move the buyer to the better value. Toyota and Honda are also facing many recalls now. I regard them both as fine cars, but this recalling business really hurts the bottom line, as well as reputation.

Made in America is not as important today to buyers as it once was and that is because of quality and value. This is why we celebrate the new Cruz because we want it to be successful as it is being built in our backyard.

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Next-generation Cruze comes home

Congrats to all who proudly work the line to make America's best compact car.

This honor is by far no easy task. Commitment to quality should continue the rewards for GM and all the employees who make it happen.

Stay the course and don't drop the ball. You are all winners when you take pride in your work. Seeing the new generation Cruz out on our streets soon will be a proud day for all because we know it is made right here and made by our family, friends and neighbors.

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