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Black Knights recruiting minorities for police department

This job should not require a college degree. It is a job that requires common sense, street smarts and people skills. Non of which you can teach. Everyone thinks a college degree will help. WRONG. Take someone from the suburbs. Grew up there, went to college for 4 years, returned to college for a masters degree. Now, put them through the academy (which is required no matter what level of education you have) and see how well that person does in the inner city setting. Everyone has it wrong. The ones with the college degrees are the scared out to prove they are tough cops shooting people. Do you honestly think a person with higher education, that has never experienced the life of an inner city person, will do well? Or do you think that not knowing better and the culture shock will have them looking down on these people and thinking that they are better than the people that they are serving. I see it FIRST hand everyday.

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Grand jury declines to indict Boardman man on rape charge

So why did they decline to indict him? Oh that's right its not a good enough story to run why they didn't.

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Boardman police charge woman after outbursts at mall


LOL maybe "A" beer.

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Ex-mayor Sammarone says he should have known better

I'm gonna go with, some of the $4,000 was from other dept heads in a very sad attempt to keep their positions. The police chief and a few more. Too bad it didn't work and the sorry saps that tried it got what they had coming to them. I've never seen someone so interested in keeping a job before simply for the power. The police dept was a joke and thank god for McNally and Chief Lees. The problem that plagued the dept is gone and all the remaining Dbags will be slowly weeded out. Way to go Mr. Accountability. JOKE

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Ousting Foley as police chief in city smacks of cronyism

Well "Robert DeFelice" or should I say....Rod! If you think for a minute that morale will get worse....then what chrismatthews said about your lack of knowledge about YPD is spot on! You clearly have no friggin clue what you're speaking of! I couldn't agree more with chrismatthews! It's not humanly possible! Robin Lees has forgot more about real police work than Rod will ever know. Just because you can pick up a book, read and retain it doesn't make you a good cop. And it sure as hell doesn't make you a leader! And the way that YPD promotes is an absolute joke!! Couldn't agree more.

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McNally introduces Youngstown's new police chief, law director

That's your opinion and you're entitled to it. I'm speaking facts. He worked the streets and is a real cop. He wasn't taken care of his entire career like some people. And just because your "opinion" is an educated one doesn't mean it's an accurate one.

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McNally introduces Youngstown's new police chief, law director

Not a terrible choice at all!! The guy is a real cop and knows what its like to work the streets!! Moral will be better than it ever has and of course the haters on here will continue to hate. Very exciting to see what a REAL cop does with the police chiefs position. Too bad for the suck @ss ones that thought they'd have it made.


Thats awesome!!!!! And sooo true!!! Nice slice of "hows it feel" pie!

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BREAKING NEWS | McNally appoints his police chief, law director

And........enter the haters!! LOL

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Campbell's new police chief sworn in Friday

Congratulations to Chief Rauzan. The city of Campbell will be a better and safer place with him at the controls. Just look at what he's accomplished thus far! Good luck! Couldn't have a better man running the Dept.

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Youngstown can’t retrieve text messages sent by DeMaine Kitchen

Where's Mr. Accountability? Sammarone is suppose to be that guy. That's the best he can come up with? You're a pretty young girl? That's great. If it was anyone else they'd be fired or forced to resign. The whole city is a joke!

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