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Judge blocks Ohio law to divert Planned Parenthood money

Wow and this judge was appointed by George W. Bush. May be the law rather than the conservative/liberal appointment matters.

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YSU awaiting additional details on Trump visit

This man maybe successful, but when it come to politics he is not the brightest. The event is by invitation only. Why not open it up so that the undecided can attend and possibly make up their mind?

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Macy's to close 100 stores, locations not announced

georgejeanie please enlighten me with the specific regulations that Obama placed on Macy's. If their clothing was too expensive for the Obama economy, I guess they would have filed bankruptcy under the Bush economy. Pyroc thank you for adding some intelligence to this article.

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Layoffs looming at Delphi in Warren

georgejeanie do you remember the Bush years that almost wiped out the US auto industry??

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Sen. Rob Portman says despite some inappropriate statements, he backs Donald Trump for president

paulydel.. what about the damage that Governor Taft caused?? Not to mention the economic disaster that Strickland had to deal with under George Bush's presidency.

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Trump says Clinton trying to rig debates with NFL conflicts

I guess Hillary isn't the only crooked liar. It is a sad state in this country that these two are the best that we have.

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N. Korea: US has crossed red line, relations on war footing

Rather see it evaporate rather then start another middle east war and have the loss of US soldiers' blood. George Bush alreay did a good job of destabilizing the middle east.

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Port authority settled suit only to avoid costly trial, Dickten says

Mr. Dickten are you willing to release the details of the thorough investigation
to the public?

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GOP CONVENTION | Liar. Lucifer. Lock her up. GOP denounces Clinton

House Republicans voted to cut funding for embassy security in 2011.

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GOP CONVENTION | Mother of American killed in Benghazi takes on Clinton

Pathetic that the Republican party would use this lady for their gain. She stated that the Secretary of State was responsible for her son's death, however I never heard any blame for the GOP who voted to cut $300 million for embassy security. I guess they also have blood on their hands.

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