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Mayor seeks ‘accountability’ with time clocks for workers

Chris Travers, that was a good post.

gdog, you are trying to trick us right? Everybody knows most black people don't work anyway, why would they be clocking in?

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Experts: Economy to pick up regardless of election results

Experts? We'll see.

The country is facing massive tax increases on two fronts, a weak dollar due to over printing, uneducated youth, and extremely high labor costs that hinder exports. This is not a complete list.

I would like to see a list of "pros" that can match this.

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Youngstown police investigating two armed robberies

"Police are also looking into the robbery of a 50-year-old woman walking home with her paycheck shortly after 8 p.m. Monday."

So she gave the robber her paycheck? I don't understand. What is the robber going to do with a paycheck? If the victim had cash this is a poorly written article.

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Should people be required to show photo IDs for their votes to count?

"You lost in Vietnam b/c you're soft, selfish, and weak willed. And you still are today. Your fathers would be ashamed of you. I know I am."

You pig. Why don't you write your name and address if you are so big on disclosure. You have no fellow countrymen, because only a pig would call drafted soldiers who had no choice or control over Vietnam, cowards.

You are behind taking up arms against fellow Americans?

You talk about good men going to war to protect the right to vote and then call the same men cowards, selfish, and weak?

Put a name behind your comments pig.

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$30 million to form investment hub in Youngstown

You have been around the world in your navy days? Good for you. The government paid for everything and you had no ties whatsoever to the private sector. Hard to use that as evidence that you know about other cities' job markets and how they operate. You were there under the guise of the public sector.

My comments seem stupid to you because you are unable to grasp what I am saying. I don't have to defend what I say because it is fact. You immediately insult me and think I live under a rock? That is a kindergarten response from a kindergarten mind. It is the PLACE versus the PERSON sometimes.

I never said "anywhere" is better than Youngstown, you put words in my mouth because you don't take time to read and comprehend what others post when you don't like it.

All you gave was a list of companies and non-profits who belong to this NAMII. You have given no facts as to them putting forth any future long term capital investment. You don't know what long term capital investment is. I am fairly confident that the long term capital investment needed for jobs and careers is not going to come from universities and other non-profit entities. Maybe history is lying though.

So, you insult me and get your panties in a bunch because you didn't like my post? Here's some free advice, don't read them going forward. You are only going to get more frustrated. I am guessing the bliss you receive from your ignorance is not enough to offset your hate.

Thanks for calling me stupid. Clearly you are the superior mind.

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$30 million to form investment hub in Youngstown

This is obviously good news for the valley. It is hard to construe it as a negative. Anytime capital is being invested in an area from the government it will be a positive. Let's hope the government doesn't renege on the plan like Clinton did, but I digest.

The problem here, and a very material one at that, is where will future capital investments come from? The economy is poop these days because of a lack of long term capital outlays by the private sector. Companies are very weary about impending laws and future decisions by D.C.

I shall definitely hope for the best. A positive story taking place in arguably the most decrepit city in the country.

When you bad mouth people who have moved out of the valley and tried to make things better for themselves you only make a case for the high levels of ignorance here.

The rest of the country operates in a much different way than Youngstown. If you have never resided outside northeast Ohio you are still in the dark about things. Your remedial posts are strong evidence of this.

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Police arrest man after drug raid at South Side home

They hit the building right after the alleged dealer woke up...5 pm.

He is just misunderstood.

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Health law to worsen shortage of doctors in Valley

2014 is going to be an eye opener for a lot of people, unless you are on medicaid and welfare now. Then you will just wait for your check each month as usual. No worries.

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Ohio task force wants more college degrees

The percentage in the Mahoning valley is probably half of the 26% statewide.

College is a good investment but you need to major in something that will produce a job when you get out. If you do well in accounting, engineering, healthcare trades like nursing, or the like you will find work. It may not be in Youngstown, but you will find it.

Majoring in art, english, management, pre-law or the like will get you a piece of paper, and that's about it.

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