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30 teens in fight at Summit Academy today

Future of our valley? How about the future of the country?

They are reproducing exponentially because they are subsidized to do so. That is their career path. 6 kids, free housing, no work, and a short criminal record. Play the race card a lot too, that helps.

It is the 30% of the culture who are contributing citizens that need the help. They are ridiculed and stereotyped becasue the majority of the culture acts like the "students" in the above story.

I'll keep working to fund the career paths though. Don't worry.

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NJ Gov. Christie pokes fun at YSU Penguins at site of today’s big football game

I am not sure comparing a bison to a penguin in foorball terms is "poking fun". That is all that the story divulges so I that is what we have to work with.

Seems like one of the pulitzer journalists at the AP was creating news again. That's what they teach them in the universities.

Anyway, go YSU. That's what really matters. Keep that awesome season rolling. There is something right and comforting about a YSU football team in contention in the fall.

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Get a ride Tuesday to vote early

They don't be gettin' up befo' noon anyway, so six in the PM is like they lunch break. Knaw meen?


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Youngstown council to state: Keep 3 judges in city

If city council members want to keep 3 judges they should have to create a financial plan on how that 3rd judge will fit into the city budget without increasing the deficit. This should be a simultaneous plan with the vote, by law.

It's like a 5th grade remedial math class with these people.

The city is 5.5 MILLION in the red, it's OK, let's spend some more.

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State says Campbell schools lacked documentation

Man, the future looks awesome.

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Obama, Romney spar on taxes, jobs, education, health care

Normally I would not comment on this, and many of you would like it that way, however, I must address this post:

"Folks, no one is disputing the value of jobs in the Valley. The issue is how much DEBT are you willing to accept to keep things "floating"? There are much bigger issues to face than just the car industry. We just can't afford to borrow away our children's lives! "

It was a pleasure to read. When I see things like this I have hope for society and the valley more acutely.

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Fundraiser describes payoffs to ex-Detroit mayor

Racist government crackers.

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Hello 911, have you seen my keys?

"HULK/Stan did you steal his keys to get to get to Ashtabula ."

Gotta get to get to Ashtabula..Isn't that a Bob Dylan song?

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Cruze No. 1 in US in sales of small cars

If 90% of the people here dealt with facts rather than 10%, things would be a lot more informative.

It is good when GM is in the black. They need to raise their stock price 50% before the taxpayers break even. One of the worst investments in history. Dubya and Obama showing their lack of business acumen.

GM still suffers from the same problems that led to the bankruptcy. Outrageous labor costs and overall secondary products. The Cruze is doing well. What about the other vehicles? The usual suspects will rise to the top again because their cars are just better overall. Facts.

There are people who post here whom do not like me I am sure, but they respect the facts I write just like I respect their posts even if I don't care for them. I wish they were now. At least they make me think.

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Cruze No. 1 in US in sales of small cars


If it weren't for Obama, Lordstown would be CLOSED."

I realized after a while that you suffer from mental illness. I felt bad that I had demeaned you so much in the past. You cannot control the small number of firing synapses that hinder you. Also, facts are something you don't believe in. Having said that, I think this article may scare you. Read it carefully and get some help if you need it. Very big words and concepts. It looks like dubya bailed out the auto induistry initially and the Oreo just made even dumber decisions after that. So, by the rules of chronology, Lordstown is open becasue of dubya.

One more for good measure:

Clearly, you suffer from the same affliction Joe Biden does. Get help.

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