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2 Youngstown men sue YSU frat, alleging hazing injuries

Fraternity boys? Based on the ages of the defendants it appears they are lifetime students, or degenerates.

One defendant is 33 years old. Time to get a job, you are not going to be the first one in your family to graduate from college after all.

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Canfield couple sues First Merit Bank over $1.4 million in trust fund losses

If you are dealing with one million plus dollars of money for your autistic child, perhaps you should monitor what a third party is doing with that money more closely.

Minus evidence of fraud, it's going to be a tough case for the plaintiffs to win.

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YPD targets vets, city residents, minorities to become police officers

Whitey is the minority in the city proper.

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Man shot last week dies, now Youngstown's 22nd homicide for 2012

One day after the peace race.

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Youngstown street dept., driver being sued in crash

Telasia and Khimani may be consulates from Zimbabwe. International spokespersons if you will. Afford them some respect.

I think it's interesting that the street department foreman is also a doctor, and able to determine what, if any, injuries occurred at the time of the accident.

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Ohio student-loan debt rising

You don't understand. Non-profit does not mean the institution does not try and make a profit. That is a big misconception.

Universities are still trying to operate in the black, they just don't pay taxes on that profit.

Universities still make business decisions that are profitable versus not profitable.

Universities have to run the place like a business becasue they have rising costs every year. Labor and utilities to name two.

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State ratings show ups, downs of Valley schools

If 5 out of 10 black students didn't drop out of high school the welfare rates would be lower, crime rates would lower, and the amount of bastard children would be lower.

Government math.

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Obama-Romney showdown slugfest on Libya, women, China



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Soup kitchen visit by Ryan stirs anger

How dare he get permission to enter and wash some dishes.

Any politician in his shoes would have done the same thing.Of course he wants photo ops in the soup kitchen. You think any of these politicans want to spend a weekend in Youngstown? It's all about votes.

This lady is obviously covering her rear now that she screwed up.

Scapegoat from the real issue here.

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Both parties 'messed' up, Ryan tells Youngstown crowd

The senate majority leader is a mormon and a liberal.

Can you elaborate?

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